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According to OpGo Marketing, the future of marketing is found in the depths of underserved markets — where every metric counts the most. In the last 20 years, marketing has evolved into a fiercely competitive and diverse/ever-changing data environment in a sea of costly martech options. While big companies have the ability to pay for intelligence, small businesses are left paralyzed from an overload of martech lingo and a sea of expanding salespeople who mainly suck up time and money.

It's not fair. Big companies get answers while the small companies are still left with the age-old question: How do I know which part of my marketing is working? 

Tiffanie Honeyman is no stranger to combatting big challenges for the underdog. She grew up in small-town North Dakota and used her underprivileged upbringing and glass-half-full attitude to bypass barriers. Her character, strength, and independence were also shaped by her time spent in the Navy Seabees (NMCB 5). According to Honeyman, the answer was and still is simple: think "solution," be adaptable, and hold yourself accountable. When she entered the marketing industry, she brought this mentality to the table. Being a "nerd," she fed off any and all new data points available and sought to close gaps in measuring the performance of marketing. Eventually, in 2015 when company leaders were reluctant to adopt her vision, she founded OpGo Marketing — an agency that focuses on Operational Goals and marketing measurement. 

Honeyman had a vision to reimagine the marketing agency. Instead of gatekeeping data from clients, OpGo sought to empower clients with data and intelligence to help them grow. Measuring marketing is the foundation of the company. The more data that's shared between the marketer and the client, the better. OpGo's team drives growth and gives the little guys the ability to compete. And best of all, there are no contracts. Clients own their data, and the relationship is based on trust. OpGo still works with its very first client Minnkota Windows.

In 2023, OpGo introduced the OpGo Consultant Partner program to further advance marketing intelligence to business owners. OpGo bypasses traditional agency models by bringing niche experts to the table from day one. Clients are not having to pay for someone to learn their industry like a traditional marketing agency. Pairing a data-oriented execution team with certified consultants, OpGo is on track to become the premier partner for small business across the U.S. 

Tiffanie Honeyman says, "We all face circumstances outside of our control, but when you have stamina, you can reach your goals — and then you need to continue to nurture that success."

Quote from Dakota Business Lending (client): "Our team has been working with Tiffanie and her team at OpGo Marketing for close to three years and we do not know where we would be without them! She and her team are great at crunching the analytics/numbers and explaining them in a way that is simple and that we can understand. We love being able to see her expertise at work and using it to guide us in the right direction." 

Source: OpGo Marketing

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OpGo Marketing is a 100% women-owned, veteran-owned marketing agency headquartered in Fargo, ND. Delivering a modern approach to marketing for small businesses since 2015.

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