Fantasy Football Blueprint Launches Cheat Sheet Innovation

Fantasy Football Blueprint has launched its patent-pending, matrix cheat sheet - the most advanced cheat sheet on the market.

You can listen to Jimi, but you can't hear Jimi...

Much like Wesley Snipes telling Woody Harrelson he could listen to Jimi, but couldn't hear Jimi, Fantasy Football Blueprint is asking players, "Do you read your rankings... or do you see your rankings?"

Fantasy Football Blueprint's new product - its patent-pending, matrix cheat sheet - is breaking the mold of traditional fantasy football draft tools. It offers a simple test on its website to show fantasy football players the difference between reading and seeing rankings. The result is a dramatically different cheat sheet that makes preparing for a fantasy football draft easier than ever before.

The matrix setup of the cheat sheet allows a number of new, innovative tools. These are highlighted by its draft position overlays which allows the cheat sheet to highlight every possible draft position with the click of a button. Developing a draft strategy for every possible draft spot - a task that normally takes several hours of mock drafting - can now be done in 30 minutes.

The backbone of the rankings is Fantasy Football Blueprint's new spin on value-based drafting. Fantasy Football Blueprint knows that users shouldn't care about the value of the replacement player, because users aren't playing a team full of replacement players! Over the course of a season, every fantasy football player is going to be playing a team made up of the average starters at each position. That makes the value of the average starter the true benchmark for determining value and allows the cheat sheet to value players at different positions on level ground, thus enabling the unique format of the matrix cheat sheet.

Fantasy Football Blueprint has taken a stale piece of the fantasy football industry and turned it on its head. For the last few years, drafting without a custom cheat sheet put a user at a disadvantage going into the draft. Fantasy Football Blueprint has introduced the next, must-have advantage for the fantasy football player.

Founded in 2013, Fantasy Football Blueprint's mission is to bring innovation to the fantasy football industry in the form of easy-to-use, affordable tools for the everyday player. We show people that more is not better and not all fantasy points are created equal.

Rusty Schulten
Fantasy Football Blueprint
Edison, NJ

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