Fantastic Confrontation Web Card Game Attracts Tens of Thousands Players on Facebook

Launched in October, 2012, "Confrontation Web Card Game" has seized more than 60,000 players' attention to play on Facebook. This web card war game with fascinating scenario features on self-acting battle, online tournament and hidden powerful card

"Confrontation Web Card Game," the Facebook-based card fighting game, has been released by Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd. since October, 2012. Until now, there have been more than 60,000 players. This web card game mainly features epic story background, deck-building strategy, fortress army offense and defense, tournament, and so forth. Confrontation Web Card Game is popular because of its splendid scenario and characters designs, interactive duels, and comprehensive deck sets.

Recreation from a Well-known Miniature War Game "Confrontation"

The archetype of this game is based on the famous miniature war game "Confrontation" released in 2006 by Rackham, a French miniature and role-playing game production company. The achievement of this miniature game is that it has been translated into five languages and marketed in 41 countries. Succeeded the success of Rackham, Userjoy then released the authorized "Confrontation Web Card Game" in 2012. Thus, those miniature role-playing and war game lovers can not only combat with minimal models, but can assemble army decks through virtual web card game as well.

This card game tells a mysterious lore in continent of Aarklash, which is shrouded in wars and horrors by Dark empires. In this medieval era, knights, wizards, priests, and barbarians assemble armies to fight against each other and against unknown creatures like wolfen or orcs. Heroes rise and lead armies, fighting to take continent supremacy by force. With the spirit of CCGs (Collectible card games), "Confrontation" combines the appeal of collecting diverse cards and strategic game play experience. Players have to set an overall arrangement for their own army decks so as to bring their enemies down in the battlefield.

Unique Features: Self-Acting Battle, Online Tournaments and Rag'narok Encounter

Embedded with detailed tutorials and all-embracing in-game helps, this game guides players to get started and familiarize game rules in a short time. "We aim at creating a web card game based on abundant story lines along with diverse play mode and friendly user interface," said Mr. Tzeng, Product Manager of Userjoy. The self-acting battle allows card to deal automatically and to run fights on its own. "Different from other similar web card game, Newbies won't have any difficulties in getting hang of this game. Meanwhile, it still captures the fun of deck building."

In addition to these player-friendly designs, there are two distinguished features about this game. The first one is online tournament with players all over the world. Tournaments are one of the main focuses in "Confrontation." There are different tournaments filled with different restrictions every day to test players' skills and capabilities. It is viewed as the ultimate dueling ground for players around the world to fight for the top. The second feature is Rag'narok encounter. In Rag'narok encounter, players will have chance to work with each other to defeat legendary monsters. Once the monster is destroyed, players will be rewarded with various powerful or hidden hero cards.

The design team of "Confrontation" will release latest updates and tournament schedule. Players will never feel bored in this game.

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