FansTime (FTI) Takes Another International Step by Landing on Huobi Indonesia Crypto Exchange

FansTime (FTI) landed on Huobi Indonesia as the very first project listed on this brand new exchange which proved the level of reliability that FansTime possesses. This is another huge step into the international world for FansTime.

A blockchain based business focusing on the entertainment industry, FansTime has surprised onlookers in the past few months. Their first DAPP launched in March already has a DAU (Daily Active User) number of 120,000 and the FansTime team expects to gain more users when its own main-net is online. The public blockchain development started in April and the TPS reached the range of 3,000-5,000 during the internal test in July.

Another thing we should pay attention to is the global strategy of this project.

The Global Blockchain Elite Forum launched by FansTime held its two sessions in Macau and Seoul this year. Both sessions caught the eyes of the local media inside and outside the blockchain industry. Different from other Blockchain related summits and forums, FansTime invited A-list singers to cheer the attendees up each time, K-pop stars like Kang Sung-hoon, HYOLYN and (G)I-DLE, as well as C-pop stars like Jolin Tsai, Wangfeng, and Thai boyband SBFIVE.

With FansTime's diverse management team made up of people around the globe such as Canada, Japan, Australia, Belgium, and the Thailand Kingdom, the company is ready to take on multinational markets. Until now, FTI has been listed on 9 famous exchanges such as, Huobi HADAX, Huobi Korea, Huobi Indonesia, CoinEgg, Bit-Z and will be listed on many more in the near future.

FansTime will provide a vertical platform in the entertainment field to build a decentralized community where everyone can fully explore, develop, nurture and give back to their individual value, globally.

FansTime Selected Media Reports as below:

Major Blockchain-based Fandom Ecosystem Launches on HADAX:

FansTime Announces Its Process of Public Blockchain Development:

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FansTime is a blockchain-based business project focusing on the entertainment industry. FTI is the token of FansTime and has been listed on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi Hadax, CoinEgg, Bit-Z and many more in the near future.

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