Famous BBQ Restaurant in Calgary Announces New Optimized Site

Jane Bond BBQ is happy to showcase its newly optimized website.

Jane Bond BBQ is the ultimate BBQ restaurant in Calgary. They strive to cook the best BBQ dishes in Calgary, with all of their meals made fresh. They offer a tremendous array of tasty BBQ meals, including Brisket, Pork Belly, Ribs, Jerk Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Fried Catfish and Chorizo Links. More so, they provide BBQ catering in Calgary. From office space to special occasions, from cocktail parties to private events, they will be your chef at home. 

The newly optimized website design is focused on providing users with a slicker and cleaner interface. The design is broken down into four distinct sections that easily portray their messages and services, as well as encourage users to interact on the site. 

The banner on the homepage now provides users with an easy call-to-action button, where they can easily submit details and book their BBQ catering in Calgary. Just below the address, contact details and opening hours are clearly displayed. 

Below, there are two sections with brand new content — aimed at providing users with a clear and detailed description of their BBQ services, their quality of food, and the joys of eating with Jane BBQ. The content was written in a straightforward, joyful and engaging manner. 

The two sections were split with a Testimonials section, highlighting previous customers’ experiences. This addition will help emphasize the joys of eating at Jane BBQ, and why users should make a booking at the location or hire their catering services.  

Furthermore, new enticing BBQ-related images were added throughout the site to make it more appealing to users and to better emphasize the type of food that Jane Bond BBQ offers. 

Overall, the new optimizations will help improve Jane Bond BBQ’s standing in Calgary, better expand its services and entice users to try their delicious meals.

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Jane Bond BBQ is the ultimate BBQ restaurant in Calgary. We strive to cook the best BBQ dishes in Calgary. All our meals are fresh, flavorful, so you enjoy every bite. More so, we provide BBQ catering in Calgary.

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