Family Starts a Movement Across the Nation to Go Device Free for a Short While Each Day

Life On. Cell Off™ is about getting back to basics one conversation at a time

Cell phones have changed the way we interact with our children, friends, colleagues and even strangers. That’s why Miami native family members Mildred Jammer, Michelle Cady, Marivis Hoed and Miriam Gil have started a movement to change the way people communicate. Their new concept Life On. Cell Off™ (Lo.Co) is intended to create a crusade focused on enriching everyday life experiences between people -- whether it is family, friends or colleagues -- without the de-humanizing effect of digital communication. Life On. Cell Off™ encourages individuals to power down their electronic devices for just a short while each day and focus on building and nurturing relationships. These four sisters are doing this by providing an entire guided experience, including cards with questions and kindness activities as well as storage for devices to use during shut down time to encourage the users to be present and engaged. 

“Lo.Co is a guided social movement. We recognize that the pressure from society to be online, digital, fast-paced, overachieving and highly competitive has brought us to the point of ignoring the simple pleasure of human contact in a physical and personal way,” says co-founder Mildred Jammer. “The world of technology has rapidly impinged on everyday life in an almost overwhelming fashion and we hope to encourage families to make a change to redirect this trend.”

Life On. Cell Off™ is about incorporating a healthy connection with life through personal engagements and reflections, human contact and kindness. It’s about enjoying life through our own eyes and less through screens. The movement is simply to encourage others to go Lo.Co (LifeOn.CellOff) for a short while each day, hopefully to make their lives more meaningful through conversation and acts of kindness.

These women are starting one person at a time, spreading the word through blogs, social media and word of mouth. They have created a set of items to get families started in the movement. The Lo.Co Starter Set includes a protective device satchel, deck of cards with questions and kindness activities, a Lo.Co sticker, magnet and a description of the Lo.Co message with website information to join the movement. These Lo.Co Starter Sets ($19.99) and other Lo.Co products are available at

“We are a family who grew up with traditional values that include direct conversations, eye contact, embracing each other and talking about the things that bring us together. We strongly believe that these values have a direct impact on how happily we live our lives. We hope that the tools and ideas behind the Lo.Co (LifeOn.CellOff) movement will have this same impact on other families,” says the company’s Social Media Manager Elyse Gonzalez.

Join the movement at Follow Lo.Co on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat by searching @LifeOnCellOff. Share Lo.Co moments on social media using hashtags #golocowithus and #howigoloco

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