Family Goes Viral on TikTok for Genius Hack to Get Their Kids to Do Chores

Family racks up millions of views and inspires other families with their fun Chore Challenges

Global Munchkins Family Chore Challenge

A Southern Californian family keeps going viral for its family's Chore Challenges. Mike and Amber Mamian, owners of travel blog Global Munchkins, were just like all other parents during the pandemic: struggling to keep their kids entertained and also to do their homework and chores. 

Then one day, Mike picked up a ping pong ball off the ground and tried to throw it into a cup. When he made it and saw his teen sons get excited and want to try, an idea emerged. 

So he began creating chore challenges. "Basically, it's a twist on playing party games, except the kids are playing for what their chore will be for the week," Mike said. Each week, the kids play a new game to determine their chore or for the chance to win No Chores.

"The key is to have the kids have a chance to win no chores," Amber said. "Even if the kids don't win 'no chores,' just the chance at winning makes the kids never complain about doing chores. It's like magic." 

The family posted the first challenge on its Global Munchkins TikTok account back in November of 2021 and, at the time, the account only had around 300 followers. The first chore challenge video went viral and several have gone viral since, racking up millions of views and likes. Now, the account has over 300,000 followers. 

The family's most popular challenge was the toilet roll chore challenge and got picked up by multiple outlets including Sports Center. That video has racked up a combined 90 million views across the multiple platforms

Since the videos have gone viral, hundreds of other families have posted their chore challenges. "Our favorite thing is seeing other people re-create our challenges and having fun with their kids. It warms my heart," Amber Mamian said. 

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