Falling In Love Again With Guest Larry Bilotta

In this edition of Ask Dr. Love radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) shares the true-life story of Larry Bilotta who rekindle his love for his wife after 27 years of living in marriage hell!

Millions of people, gay and straight, married and living together, find themselves trapped in relationships that are sheer misery.

But we just can't bring ourselves to leave.

We may say that we're staying because of the kids. Or maybe we're afraid of being alone. And maybe we figure that the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know--and maybe we'd be even more miserable single.

Beyond all these reasons, we often stay in miserable unions because hope springs eternal. Somewhere deep down in our hearts we keep hoping for a way to magically return to the good old days and rekindle the love that we felt way back when.

When we can't give up, it may mean that there still is hope!

This week, Dr. Turndorf will be introducing Larry Bilotta who lived 27 years in a marriage made in hell. In the 28th year he fell in love with his wife! Now, he's on the verge of celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary with his wife Marsha.

Tune in to find out Larry rekindled the spark and how we all can rekindle the spark even when we think it's dead and gone.

Tune in to Ask Dr. Love radio and find out now to listen your way back to love!

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