Faisal Moghul and Terry Fox Deliver CLE Seminar Examining a Real Estate Broker's Liability in Residential Real Estate Transactions With Virginia CLE Foundation

Seminar focuses on examining the current uncertainty under Virginia law surrounding the exact duties owed by a listing or seller's broker to the purchaser in residential real estate transactions, including the scope of Article of Chapter 21 of Title 54.1 of the Virginia Code

Fox & Moghul

Attorneys Terry Fox and Faisal Moghul at the Fairfax-based law firm of Fox & Moghul - Attorneys at Law deliver cutting-edge continuing legal education seminar titled "EXAMINING A REAL ESTATE BROKER'S LIABILITY TO THE PURCHASER IN RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS IN VIRGINIA" with the Virginia CLE, the leading provider of continuing education to the Virginia legal community 

Founded in 1960, the Virginia CLE is the educational arm of the Virginia Law Foundation, which has been repeatedly voted the #1 continuing legal education provider by readers of Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Fox & Moghul is a Fairfax-based boutique law firm focusing on complex real estate disputes, including matters governing a real estate broker's liability and regulation under Virginia law. The firm's partners are regularly invited to speak at leading industry events on complex real estate topics that include, among other things, issues such as purchase and sale of commercial property, ownership structures for real estate, curing real property title defects, commercial leasing, and residential purchase and sale contract disputes. Faisal Fox and Terry Moghul are also widely published authors with many leading publications and journals such as Lexis Nexis and the American Law Institute. Recently, they co-authored a publication with LexisNexis on "Choice of Ownership Structure of Real Property" (June 9, 2022), which compares and contrasts the various ownership structures for owning real estate, including LLC, C corporations, S corporations, Limited Partnerships and joint ventures.

"This CLE was designed to provide some degree of clarity to the post-1995 case law interpreting the scope of Article 3 of Chapter 21 of Title 54.1 of the Virginia Code," said Faisal Moghul, who was selected as a speaker for the event. "My hope is that this seminar simplifies the complexities in this area of the law for other lawyers who regularly advise brokers," added Moghul, "and perhaps it will assist Virginia judges in their decision-making on such cases as well." 

"I would like to thank my partner, Faisal Moghul, for his invaluable insights in helping us prepare for this seminar," said Terry Fox, senior partner at Fox & Moghul who regularly advises real estate brokers on a variety of legal compliance issues. The full seminar materials can be accessed at Fox & Moghul's website here. For more information on this CLE, please contact Taylor Erney, public relations manager, at Fox & Moghul at 703-652-5506 or [admin]ATmoghul[law].com. 

Source: Fox & Moghul