Fairwinds Introduces GoNoGo to Help DevOps Teams Validate Kubernetes Add-Ons Prior to Deployment

New OSS tool ensures add-ons can be safely upgraded.

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance software, today announced Fairwinds GoNoGo, software that can be used to define and then discover if an add-on that was installed with Helm is safe to upgrade. Managing Kubernetes add-ons is a complex and burdensome task for many operations teams, requiring them to understand the impact of the add-on to the cluster in advance of its deployment. Fairwinds GoNoGo automates the process, easing the burden on operations teams that are already under immense workloads.

Most add-on upgrades are harmless, but operations teams can only gain insight about their risk through a combination of testing, reading release notes and understanding the current state of their clusters. Fairwinds GoNoGo incorporates automated checks, as well as information gathered about a specific upgrade path, and combines it in a way that the company's governance and security software, Fairwinds Insights, can consume and show the relevant information.

"Since add-ons are cluster-wide, they can have far-reaching consequences. It's important that we do what we can to remove the guessing game behind add-ons and get a clearer picture of their impact in advance of deploying them," said Andy Suderman, CTO at Fairwinds. "The GoNoGo bundle works to solve this problem by providing a standardized way to automate information in a cluster-agnostic way so operations teams can make go/no-go decisions on add-on upgrades quickly and easily."

Fairwinds is committed to creating open-source software that empowers the community and its clients to build a Kubernetes architecture that works for their business. The company has 10 open source offerings, including the popular PolarisGoldilocks and Pluto tools. Users working across a fleet of clusters, collaborating across teams or tracking findings across time are strong candidates for upgrading to Fairwinds Insights.


About Fairwinds

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Source: Fairwinds