Facilitated Growth Purchases 235,000 Additional Shares in Epica International Inc.

Facilitated Growth, LLC (FG), exercised warrants to purchase 235,000 shares of common stock in portfolio company Epica International, Inc. (Epica). The warrants were issued to FG in 2015 for its level of participation in Epica's early rounds of funding. 

Joe Soto, CEO of Facilitated Growth, LLC, said, "The recent release of Epica's human product, SeeFactorCT3, is monumental to the company's future. Epica continues to perform at the highest levels both financially and operationally. My partners and I remain enthusiastic about Epica and are delighted to increase our position in the business." FG has been a shareholder in Epica International, Inc. since 2013.

Randy Axelrod, CEO of Epica International, Inc., said, "We are grateful for FG's ongoing support of Epica and our current growth initiatives. The company is rapidly expanding its global footprint and continuing its pursuit of technological advancement and innovation. On behalf of Epica, we are very appreciative of the consistent backing provided by our leading shareholders."

About Epica

Epica International is a market and technology leader in advanced medical imaging and precision robotics in human, animal, and industrial markets worldwide. Epica designs, develops, and distributes proprietary advanced medical imaging platforms and progressive robotic systems that guide and assist users, ensure accuracy, and strengthen outcomes. Epica has 80+ issued and pending patents on its medical imaging and robotics platforms in the U.S., EU, and other countries. Epica International is headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 

About FG

Facilitated Growth is a management consulting firm and private investment group providing advisory services and access to financing opportunities for early-stage through lower-middle market companies. Established in 2011, the FG partners identified an expanding gap in the accessibility of financing opportunities available to early-stage and lower-middle market companies. Facilitated Growth established its consulting practice to assist these companies in building attractive offers and connecting them with appropriate sources of capital. In parallel, FG founded its investment arm to provide support to these companies through bridge financing and capitalize on intrinsic value in the early stages. 

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Source: Facilitated Growth LLC