Fa Xian Xian Ji on Track for Record Breaking Year Amidst Global Pandemic Alarm

• Trading profits are up 35% from this time last year, despite massive market plunge in early February • Confident that its robust trading algorithms are above any market turmoil that may arise

Fa Xian Xian Ji (Beijing) Investments Co. Ltd.

While the world became engulfed in a state of panic amidst the global coronavirus outbreak, triggering a series of sell-offs, leading to a global market slump, a Chinese investment firm in Beijing, China has been quietly maneuvering the tricky situation expertly. In fact, it has managed so well that the firm has announced that it will likely surpass its 2019 results.

Founded in 2016, Fa Xian Xian Ji (Beijing) Investments Co. Ltd specializes in quantitative investment methods coupled with artificial intelligence enhancements, a strategy that has brought about remarkable results since its formation. The firm claims its robust trading algorithms are “above any economic developments" and derive their investment profile through a meticulous process which factors in “a million different possibilities and scenarios.”

Fa Xian Xian Ji Chief Investment Officer Harvey Lee proclaims, “This has been made possible by advancements in AI technology in recent times. From the beginning, Fa Xian Xian Ji has emphasized top priority in developing AI and its application in trading and portfolio management. We have hundreds of researchers and analysts dedicated to identifying the tiniest market signals. These are then fed into our core AI Supermatrix that will process this data, which allows us to maneuver swiftly in any situation.”

The marriage of artificial intelligence and trading technology is certainly not novel in a 2020 sense - major investment banks have been adopting AI trading technology in some form for a while now, but few can boast the adaptive aptitude that Fa Xian Xian Ji’s algorithms have claimed to possess. Assuming the technology develops at the present rate, perhaps we may witness a major shift in the way banks trade and operate very soon. After all, AI has been proven to surpass humans in complex calculations and strategies, and it is a matter of time before trading is dominated by the machines, if it has not already done so.

As Lee puts it, “We as humans are limited in our capacity to process the amount of market data generated daily. With the use of technology and the best minds in the industry, we can develop systems that can help us achieve superiority and ultimately beat the market. And we at Fa Xian Xian Ji have certainly done that very well.”

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