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For as long as blinds have covered windows, in homes and offices, the stress of tangled threads and risks of strangulation of pets and kids on those loose threads have been a reality. Now, EzWand has introduced what is proving to be a revolutionary technique by motorizing them. The motorized blinds then are opened or closed by remote control from any position in the room. The beauty of this EzWand technique is that the already in place blinds do not have to be replaced, nor does it involve a fortune to motorize them.

Mr.SiaMalek is the inventor of EzWand, and he says, “Replacing the existing wand with EzWand is very simple and is all that is needed for the blinds on the windows to operate automatically. The EzWand operated windows can be controlled by remote from anywhere in the wand, and we have remotes that can control as many as eight blinds all at the same time or separately. EzWand has come to save time and effort as well as the high cost of replacing the entire blind in order to install a motorized mechanism.”

Once the EZ Wand has been fixed in place, it then easy to use it as a blind tilt mechanism that is used to tilt open or close the blinds. Using the buttons on the remote control, it is then a matter of selecting a button and pressing it to tilt open one or close several blinds at once. The EzWand remote controlled blinds bring a luxurious angle and convenience to the way blinds are controlled whether in the home or office. It is a fantastic feeling and experience to have automatic blinds that one can control from the point where they stand, sit or even sleep.

Mr.SiaMalek also said, “EzWand stands for ‘Easy Wand’ which is a mechanism that is easy to install. You do not need to call an expert or even buy special tools to help install them. All that is needed to turn your blinds into automatic blinds are enclosed in the box containing the EzWand. The EzWand costs little to buy and even less to install as compared to the costs involved when one goes the route of customizing their blinds and motorized railings which can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

For the convenience of controlling blinds from a distance or many at once, EzWand gives the chance to motorize your blinds by replacing the existing wand with the EzWand. The technology allows one the benefit of securing the window swiftly from any angle in the room whenever they need to close or tilt the blinds to block sunlight or peeping Toms from looking in from outside.

About EzWand

EzWand is the least expensive way to turn existing window blinds into motorized blinds fast. No special tools or hiring of experts are needed to turn the blinds into automatically operated blinds using a remote control. EzWand removes the stress of untangling tangled up or replacing snapped blind’s ropes. The motorized vertical blinds for windows are for the satisfaction of those who like a little luxury every day.

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