ezDI Launches Coding Compliance and Auditing Platform "ezAssess"

ezDI, Inc., a leading provider of Computer-Assisted Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement technologies launches ezAssess™, the nextgen coding compliance audit solution.


​​​​​​​​​​​With the launch of ezAssess™, ezDI combines coding, CDI and compliance into a single automated workflow. The ezAssess module is integrated with ezCAC™ and ezCDI™ which are already revolutionizing the CDI and Coding workflows for hospitals.

Built with advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities that includes Computational Linguistics, Semantic Web, Knowledge Graphing and Machine Learning, ezAssess is targeted at transforming the coding audit process from a retrospective, stand-alone process into an automated, real-time, proactive/collaborative and effective revenue cycle compliance solution.

Hospital revenue cycle teams feel pressured to maximize collections primarily because they know changes are coming down the pike due to healthcare reform and major shifts in the market, which are causing the RCM teams to juggle several major initiatives at once. The healthcare industry is constantly striving to prevent fraud and abuse within the system, and emphasize compliance and accuracy. Based on extensive analysis and input from a wide variety of RCM industry experts, ezAssess addresses four strategic areas for an effective auditing process:

1. End-to end collaboration between CDI, Coding, and Compliance
2. Accurate Audit Sampling
3. Effective Feedback Transmission
4. Real-time Actionable Reporting and Metrics


Effective Selection of Accounts for Auditing:

​ezAssess’ advanced case-search and selection module enables auditors to create meaningful auditing samples by sampling cases using a variety of parameters like DRG, Principal Diagnosis, Secondary Diagnosis, Procedures, GMLOS, LOS, Payer, Financial Class, and many more.

Integrated encoder for auditing

ezAssess is implemented with a fully integrated ezDI proprietary encoder that includes the ezDI Codebook, CMS groupers and pricers, 3M groupers and pricers, compliance edits such as MCE, NCCI, LCD/NCDs. ezAssess also integrates and interfaces with leading encoders such as TruCode and 3M.​

Detailed Audit Report for each audited case

​ezAssess generates an automated Audit Report for audited case that presents a code-by-code comparison of the coder’s and auditor’s version. The comparison includes detailed changes such as POA changes, changes in code ranks, missed CCs/MCCs, changes in discharge dispositions, and changes in DRG, weight, SOI and ROM. Even missed query opportunities and physician documentation issues are quantified for every single audited case.

Coder Feedback Center

ezAssess comes with a coder feedback center where each and every audited case is displayed to the coder. The coder gets a detailed comparison of the auditor and original versions. A commenting feature allows coders to respond in real-time to Auditor feedback and ensures a complete end-to end communication trail.​

Real-time Reporting of Metrics

Like all modules of the ezDI platform, ezAssess has an integrated reporting module that provides a wide range of real-time reports on coder performance, audit impact, etc.

With a futuristic, cloud-based infrastructure and patent-pending technology serving as the backbone for ezCDI, ezCAC, and ezAssess, ezDI now delivers a full array of coding workflow optimization solutions that help hospitals increase coder productivity, maximize CDI coverage and provide a 360° coding compliance program.

About ezDI

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ezDI, Inc. focuses on developing healthcare IT solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Semantic Web, and High Performance Computing. The goal is to put operational data in the hands of healthcare professionals to help them proactively identify patients at risk, patterns in disease and treatment outcomes. ezDI builds intuitive healthcare IT solutions spanning Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Computer-assisted Coding (CAC), Medical Transcription, Analytics, and more. ezDI has been named as one of the top 100 highly innovative companies at TiECon 2014 and ranked #1 in the Semantic Evaluation of Clinical Data (SemEval) competition for the year 2015.​​

For more information, please visit http://www.ezDI.com

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