EZ-Blade Shaving Products Stays Ahead of the Shaving Game With Oil-Based Shave Gel

EZ-Blade Shaving Products, an e-commerce distributor of individual and wholesale shaving products marketed towards barbers and men who take pride in maintaining their facial hair at home, has infiltrated the market with a revolutionary product: oil-based shave gel.  While many people may think a shave gel is a shave gel, those people have not tried EZ-Blade's clear shave gel yet. The inventive product makes the shaving experience easier, quicker and all around more pleasant.

The shave gel is equipped with an oil based pre-shave.  It is currently the only shave gel on the market to include this oil.  While it is a seemingly small addition, the effects are huge and noticeable.  The oil allows the blade to glide smoothly and the clearness of the gel allows all men to see exactly where, and what, they are shaving.  There are also noticeable benefits to the skin as the oil opens pores and provides a facial-like shaving experience, all while softening the beard.  For as low as $9.99, any man can provide himself with a spa-like experience!

"At EZ-Blade, we strive to make shaving more than a morning routine, but an enjoyable spa experience that all men look forward to when they arise.  We know most men look forward to that 'warm barber shave' experience, which our products aid in providing, but also aspire to have them experience this at home.  The shave gel's oil base makes shaving simple for busy men-on-the-go, and relaxing, to begin the day in a peaceful state.  We are thrilled with this product and proud to share it with the shaving world," says EZ-Blade owner Jamar Goodman.

The oil based shave gel is sold individually as a 6 ounce jar or a 16 ounce bottle, or wholesale as 4 bottles of the 16 ounce size or 12 jars of the 6 ounce size.  The gel has been clinically tested to ensure that it is a safe and effective product to be used.  In addition to the gel, EZ-Blade sells many shaving products from kits, to razors to pre- and after-shave.  The products will put a smile on the face of men and barbers alike.  Visit ezbladeshavingproducts.com to begin your spa shaving experience today.

Source: EZ-Blades


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