EyeSpy Security Introduces VantagePoint Covert Asset Tracking and Recovery System

EyeSpy Security introduces VantagePoint, an easy-to-use, adaptable, cost-efficient asset management solution that helps law enforcement and businesses recover stolen assets, catch culprits and reduce crime.

EyeSpy Security today announced VantagePoint, a covert asset tracking and recovery system for tracking stolen or missing assets in real time. Combining the most precise and reliable positioning technologies available with unlimited options for discreet tracking applications and flexible pricing plans, VantagePoint helps law enforcement and businesses recover stolen or missing assets, catch the offenders and reduce crime.

VantagePoint tracking devices are available in unlimited options for concealed use, including a variety of pre-designed or custom discreet bait packaging. Devices transmit location data once every second using GPS satellite and cellular networks to pinpoint the precise location, trajectory and speed of assets. Radio beacon and audible buzzer can be utilized for locating assets indoors. Reliable, global coverage ensures unbroken communication while tracking assets in harsh environmental conditions, remote areas, and while crossing international borders. Extended battery life and power saver mode enables crime networks to be monitored over extended periods of time – select batteries last up to 1.5 years on a single charge. Information is displayed on an intuitive web-based map application, accessible via any browser or iOS and Android smartphone to enable users to monitor assets any time, anywhere.  Tamper and removal alerts and notifications are sent via emails and text so law enforcement can act quickly. AES data encryption ensures sensitive information is kept confidential.

Having the ability to track location, speed and route of stolen and missing assets in real time greatly increases the chance of recovering assets and finding the perpetrators.  Historical data can be used as evidence in court and makes it possible to analyze trends and patterns that can help business owners and law enforcement protect against future theft and crime.

VantagePoint is also compatible with VHF radio frequency for specialized applications in which tracking by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is used. This allows law enforcement agencies to use drones to track and locate assets baited with VantagePoint with unprecedented effectiveness.

The VantagePoint solution is ideal for use in sting operations and to investigate crime, arrest offenders, reduce employee theft, and protect high-value and specialty items in a range of industries, including:

  • High value retail and luxury goods such as jewelry, watches and art.
  • Consumer electronics including cameras, smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.
  • Cargo and freight during transport and delivery.

VantagePoint is being used by major Canadian law enforcement organizations in relation to covert operations.

For more information about VantagePoint and custom software and hardware development services from EyeSpy Security, call 1-855-529-3642 or visit http://eyespysecurity.ca/

About EyeSpy Security

Founded in 2013, EyeSpy Security specializes in high value asset tracking. The company’s first product was developed as a GPS-enabled bait-and-track packaging solution designed to help jewelry businesses recover stolen merchandise. Since then, EyeSpy has expanded its portfolio of solutions for a range of anti-theft and asset tracking applications for retail, transportation, public safety and law enforcement. The company is headquartered in Sidney, BC, Canada. For more information, visit www.eyespysecurity.ca.

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