EyeQ Introduces Perfectly Clear AI Skin Tone Accuracy for Natural, Accurate Color Representation in Photos

AI Skin Tone Accuracy 2.0 Combats Camera Limitations by Providing Accurate Results Across a Full Spectrum of Skin Tones

AI Skin Tone Accuracy before/after comparison

EyeQ Imaging Inc. (EyeQ) is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation: a new version of AI Skin Tone Accuracy in Perfectly Clear's core image correction. This groundbreaking technology guarantees natural, accurate color representation across all skin tones, regardless of shade or ethnicity. 

For decades, cameras have struggled with capturing infrared and inaccurate color in skin tones, leading to marginalized experiences, particularly for individuals with dark skin tones. Addressing this challenge head-on, Perfectly Clear's AI Skin Tone Accuracy combines the power of artificial intelligence and real science to provide precise and healthy color representation for every skin tone.

"Photography wields a profound impact on shaping how we perceive ourselves, others, and the world at large," said Brad Malcolm, co-founder and CEO of EyeQ Imaging Inc. "We're in the business of preserving memories and ensuring their authenticity. Our new AI Skin Tone Accuracy takes our automatic image correction to the next level."

AI Skin Tone Accuracy uses a blend of artificial intelligence and real science to detect skin tones and apply a targeted correction accordingly. A team of AI engineers, color scientists, and image quality specialists experimented and iterated until they reached a sophisticated 10-level skin tone approach. 

This new technology, among other technology updates, is available as an update in Perfectly Clear ready-to-use products, SDKs, and APIs. This technology release also includes other features such as AI White Balance, a new School & Sports AI Preset Model, and an Auto Crop update. You can learn more about AI Skin Tone Accuracy here, the rest of the technology release here, or contact sales@eyeq.photos

Source: EyeQ Imaging Inc.

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