EyeKandy CGI Assets Drive Add-to-Cart Rate Up by Over 12%

More and more brands ask EyeKandy to investigate the sales uplift impact of the digital assets we produce. EyeKandy’s CGI Division has taken off enormously in recent years and we recently completed an A/B test on sales uplift impact for the Computer Generated Assets we produce. The results returned a boost in Add to Cart rate of 12.3% when these digital assets were added to the retailer product page.

The A/B test, using a representative sample of products on ten retailers, in seven countries returned the result is statistically significant at 97% confidence (t-test). This means that only three out of one hundred results could have occurred by chance. An ‘A group’ of shoppers are exposed to the EyeKandy CGI asset whilst a ‘B group’ are not. This allows EyeKandy to test the impact of the CGI asset alone, whilst controlling for all other variables on the retailer’s website such as offers, time of day, weather, stock etc.

By stripping away the limitations of real world production we can showcase key product USP's in a way that has been previously inaccessible to point of sale marketing.

Joe Golden

Creative Director at EyeKandy

Joe Golden, Creative Director commented, “Working within the CGI environment opens up an exciting world of creative opportunities for brands. By stripping away the limitations of real world video production, we can showcase the product USP’s in a way that has been previously inaccessible to point of sale marketing. Our innovative creative solutions that contain our CGI productions are evolving everyday; becoming faster to produce, quicker to localise and (based on this test) proving to have a very positive impact on add to basket conversion.”

Follow this link to see the EyeKandy interactive CGI Assets

Source: EyeKandy

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