Extra Mile Art Launches Website and New Copper Jewelry Line

New Collection by metalsmith Shayne Russell will support homeless pets and other charities

Cold Days Warm Thoughts Collection

​Extra Mile Art is pleased to introduce the launch of its new online storefront at www.extramileart.com. The website will open for business on January 22, with the brand’s new Cold Days/Warm Thoughts Collection. Extra Mile Art’s jewelry is created for those who seek a simple, meaningful style compatible with their outdoor activities. The new line features copper jewelry inspired by the promise of spring and outdoor adventures with treasured friends.  Included in the collection:

·       Starry Night earrings feature an enameled disc resembling the night sky and a smaller, copper disc hand stamped with stars and spirals. A hand stamped message appears on the back of each earring: on one, "star light," and on the other, "star bright." A handmade wire-wrapped ear wire completes each earring.

Those of us who play outdoors want jewelry we can LIVE in—and that's exactly the kind I make!

Shayne Russell, Owner

·       Two pendants in the collection will speak to kayakers, canoeists, and those who enjoy time on or near the water. A domed disk textured with a beach pebble pattern and a dog tag-style pendant both bear the message, "Peace... like a river." A hand wrapped sodalite bead adorns each pendant.

·       A popular choice for landlubbers is a necklace that sports a working compass and the words, “Follow me”. The well-loved Tolkein quote, “Not all who wander are lost”, is hand stamped on the back.

·       English Tea Tray earrings are a colorful addition to the collection. Their name reflects their origin. The flowery, tab set domes on these earrings are cut from English tea trays found in a local antique store. Two additional styles of earrings, two pendants, and a bracelet complete the 10-piece jewelry line.

Extra Mile Art was conceived by metalsmith Shayne Russell as a way to share her jewelry designs and raise funds for charities. The business will donate 10% of every sale to causes Russell champions.

“I raise over $1000 a year for the National MS Society by participating in their MS 150 bike tour, and nearly that much  for the animal shelter where I volunteer through their annual 5K run. I also contribute to a Friends group that supports an environmental center I have a long history with,” said Russell. “The jewelry business will make it possible for me to increase my support and raise awareness of these important causes. I hope that the people who buy my jewelry will feel good about what we’re doing together—we are providing services to people with Multiple Sclerosis, finding new families for homeless pets, and teaching children to care about the environment.”

Additional information about this aspect of the business is available on the new website.

About the Artist:

Shayne Russell lives in New Jersey with her husband and two dogs adopted from the shelter where she volunteers. Recently retired from a career as a School Librarian, she’s excited to put her metalworking skills to work in a business she’s always dreamed of. About her work she says, “I was never a sparkly-jewelry-kind-of-girl. I don’t have time for delicate jewelry I have to worry about breaking. Those of us who play outdoors want jewelry we can live in—and that’s exactly the kind I make!”

Her new website and new jewelry line launches on January 22, 2017.

Contact Information:

Website: www.extramileart.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/extramileart

Email: shayne@extramileart.com

To be notified of future collections: http://eepurl.com/bNz6nn

Source: Extra Mile Art LLC


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