Extra Layer of Security Will Protect Dell Laptops & Tablets From Hackers

Dell is set to introduce a strong verification tool to ensure the boot layer in portable laptops and tablets to protect them from hacking.

​Dell computer users will be now protected with extra layer of security in the portable laptops computers and tablets used for business purposes.  

Dell makes wide range of desktop computers and laptops for home as well as for business class customers. Company uses latest technology and high quality materials to develop these devices for different group of customers as per the needs and affordability with 24-hour Dell support.  

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Company has used most advance techniques and tools to equip these computing devices with security features but hackers are also mastermind to crack the codes to access them. And business class users store sensitive information which becomes vulnerable at various stage.

While considering such risk for users, Dell will use new security tool that is mainly focused on protecting the boot layer, so that the software and hardware of Dell devices not get malfunction. It protects the unified extensible firmware interface which is low-level UEFI assembled in secured stratum just above the OS which helps system safe from attack at boot time.  

Actually, hacking of system can compromise the OS and hardware, and hackers have used highly sophisticated techniques in which the UEFI that has been replaced the BIOS which can be easily infected with the malware attacks. To deal with hacking or other cyber threats customers can take help of Dell computer technical support.

Though, hacked Dell portable laptops or tablets are very hard to fix but new security tool will help to reload the UEFI on the system to fix the problem. And company has also taken precaution to protect the authenticating the UEFI with an image uploaded on cloud.  

However, if a system is hacked, customers can take Dell laptop tech support to reload the original copy of BIOS on the laptop from the server using system management software. However, in few premium ranges of Dell laptops and tablets this security tools will be pre-downloaded, but customers will have to pay extra charges for the BIOS verification tools.  

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