Extra Charges Will Help Canadians

Merchant Law LLP commenced national class action litigation against the Canadian major credit card issuers at 10:00 a. m., July 12th 2012.

Extra Charges Will Help Canadians
July 12, 2012
Merchant Law LLP commenced national class action litigation against the Canadian major credit card issuers at 10:00 a. m., July 12th 2012. The action attacks the Canadian credit card practice of restricting surcharge rights which in the rest of the world.

"Everywhere but in North America, merchants may charge more if you use a credit card. Without analysis Canadians will wrongly think this 'No Surcharge' rule help them. But in reality it hurts Canadian business and Canadians", Tony Merchant said.

"This action is not about Merchant helping merchants but helping consumers. It sounds perverse", Mr. Merchant said "but letting them charge us more, helps consumers."

"The wrong", Mr. Merchant said, "which this class action attacks is that goods and services in Canada all carry a built-in extra charge for the credit card expense. If merchants are allowed to surcharge for credit card use, as they do worldwide then the additional cost to Canadians will not be built on everything we buy" Mr. Merchant explained.

"Bloomberg expects a settlement of similar US proceedings this week" said Tony Merchant "but analysts have the effect dead wrong. Cost is increased by credit card use."

"If all purchases by Canadians were made through Visa and MasterCard, as paragraph 52 of the claim indicates", said Mr. Merchant, "the increased cost to Canadians would be about 5%. People would receive on average about 2% back through the value of loyalty programs. The Canadian economy would waste 3% of the value of all goods and services. Enticing to make purchases through credit cards because you get something back is a huge disadvantage to the Canadian economy."

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People eligible to participate in this class action should provide their contact information on line at http://www.merchantlaw.com/classactions/creditcards.php, of call or call Merchant Law at 1-800 Lawyers for further information.
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