Extinguished: Revenged Cleansed in Fire

Paige Reiring releases new magical-realism short story, Extinguished.

Paige Reiring released Extinguished today. Extinguished is a magical-realism short story at 7,300 words focusing on how the fire of revenge can consume and destroy. Dark and angry, this story both embraces and shuns the consequences of the revenge quest while focusing on the complications of family ties by focusing on the interlinking lives of sisters, mothers, and fathers. The story also focuses on issues of power, ability, and who is capable of wielding power.

Imani Simmons knows her mother was murdered. For fourteen years, she has collected evidence and had her mother's spirit lurking in the back of her mind. But revenge isn't so easy when the murderer is not only a powerful political figure and expert air manipulator, but your own step-mother. If Imani wants to expose her step-mother's crimes, she must first come to terms with her own impotency as a non-manipulator and then spark the fire that will bring the truth to light.

Extinguished is for sale in ebook format on Amazon and free to Kindle Unlimited users.


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