Extel Announces 2018 Results

Survey of Pan-European investment professionals highlights recognition of value across the buy-side, sell-side and corporate communities.

Extel 2018 Results

Extel, the leading source of Pan-European opinions amongst the investment community today announced the results of the 45th annual Extel survey. The pan-European survey identifies recognition of value across the buy-side, sell-side and corporate communities.

This year the leading pan-European survey received votes from over 2,600 fund managers, 240 brokerage firms and over 1,100 quoted companies worldwide, with a total of 11,333 professionals taking part. The survey was held over six weeks between the 14th March 2018 and 27th April 2018 collecting over 1.28 m votes in total. See below the highlights of Extel 2018.

David Enticknap, Managing Director & Head of Extel said: “Extel 2018 presented unique challenges, set against dual headwinds of regulatory change and a contracting industry. MiFID II has increased transparency between sell-side firms and their buy-side clients; but pressure to increase performance and reduce budgets makes identifying excellence more valuable than ever before. These trends, coupled with improvements made to our service, have driven increased demand for a different approach to understanding what clients really value.


David EnticknapManaging Director & Head of Extel
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Mobile: +44 (0)7577 457088

Dasom LeePublic Relations
Email: dasom.lee@institutionalinvestor.com
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