Extablisment Releases Debut Album by FAZI 发子, the Father of Beijing Rock & Roll

FAZI 发子 , an artist from China, is legendary in that country as one of the original founders of arts colony Yuan Ming Yuan. He was godfather to many 1980's & '90s rockers in Beijing. In March 2016 FAZI releases his debut album in the West on the Extablisment label! His music, a blend of lo-fi folk and psychedelic rock, is sure to charm. Available soon on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms. Check out more about FAZI and Extablisment at www.extablisment.com & www.fazimusic.c

FAZI ​  发子 , a founding father of Beijing rock and roll (Yaogun) Releases Debut Album in the West - Free link below!

Kevin Salveson is the founder of Southern California music and publishing label Extablisment Media.  We're new but we're going to be big.  Scratch that. We're already big, it's just that no one seems to know it yet,

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Extablisment has a lot of great new writing, art, video, and music we're releasing, so get comfortable with us.  We have more to come.

 'Course, we'd like you to have a listen and give our fledgling label abd artists a mention or two if you're inclined.   

Take FAZI for example… please!  Check out:  fazimusic.com.   FAZI is one of the founding fathers of rock and roll in China in the post-Mao era.  

To listen to a free copy of Fazi's album, use this link for press:  soundcloud.com/fa-zi/sets/fazi-debut-album-mp3-download-area/s-9KVQ6

A bit of background on Extablisment: As a former KXLU DJ and Morgan Stanley portfolio manager, Salveson has always had a DIY ethic.  He spent the 90's in The Undertoad, that seminal noise monster outta Pomona, CA. 

He then traveled to Beijing in 1995 and started a band with FAZI, playing historic gigs at The China World Trade Hotel Complex as well as all over the disco scene in Beijing.  Now, after winning capitalism as a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley & Wells Fargo Advisors and selling the business,, Salveson founded his Extablisment Media and Salvus Corp imprints to share the arts he loves with the the rest of the world (and make lots of money). 

  Bottom Line: I just love FAZI's voice.  The recordings are mostly pretty lo-fi stuff due to the conditions at the time in Beijing which frowned on rock and roll, but it has a lot of passion and good sonwriting.

The FAZI song must suitable for radio airplay or free linking is this Remix by KAL which can be found on youtubeyoutube.com/watch?v=0QcSiWQidwY

Moving along, we also publish!   On our site we have rock criticism and feature the "split" novel  for sale called Salvation Road by KAL as well as IE straight edge punk-rock legend Justice League's Jon Roa.  Impressive excerpt here:  extablisment.com/#!salvation-road-white-trash-au-go-go/c1wbk​

To conclude, Extablisment's music is probably right up your alleytrippy, kinda smart, kinda politically challenging.  Or down your side-street, or along your river-front.  Pick any kind of map metaphor you want, it still works! 

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TL;DR : Enjoy the music! 

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