ExpressionMed Celebrates Diabetes Awareness Month With NFT Dragons, Donations & More

ExpressionMed, who has been making designed medical tapes for over six years, is launching its biggest awareness campaign yet.

Adopt a Diadragon

What do dragons, NFTs, and medical tape have in common? They all work together to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

ExpressionMed, who has been making designed medical tapes for over six years, is launching its biggest awareness campaign yet. They are launching Diadragon NFTs to raise money for life-saving diabetes supplies, creating educational content from YouTube to TikTok, and dedicating 10% of profits from diabetes-themed tapes to College Diabetes Network. 

Diadragons is a collectible NFT project started by ExpressionMed's CEO Meghan Sharkus that features art, built in collaboration with Emma from Type One Toucan.

The two business competitors came together to create collectible art, which is available for purchase at This art features one-of-a-kind dragons that represent pieces of the diabetes community. Diadragon owners not only support an amazing cause, but gain access to a health-focused community and weekly prizes. 

The main goal of the project is to raise money for "Life Drops," a gift of funds to pay for one year of insulin and CGM supplies. Anyone who owns a Diadragon is eligible to win, and they can give the funds to themselves (if they are insulin dependent), a friend or family member, or donate it to Insulin For Life USA, where it will be used to transport insulin to developing nations and disaster relief areas. 

This is one of the first NFT projects to donate funds directly to individuals.

"We aim to change the way charitable giving works in the diabetes space," said ExpressionMed CEO Meghan Sharkus. "Right now there is a heavy flow of funds to advocacy and research. While these are important, they don't address the current insulin affordability crisis."

"On average, people with diabetes pay one-third of their income for the supplies they need to stay alive. It's our hope that by donating directly to these families, we can inspire other projects to do the same, creating more of a balance between solving problems at hand and donating to longer term initiatives." 

This unique approach to NFTs is focused on supporting the diabetic community in a new form of giving back that is currently inaccessible to governmental and other non-profit support programs. 

You can join the Diadragon community on Discord or follow @Diadragons on Twitter to participate and learn more about the project.

ExpressionMed will be distributing Diadragon stickers to raise awareness at local businesses and through collaborations with College Diabetes Network, NickiChicki, Senita Athletics, The Petite Nurse NP and more. Each sticker features an insulin-dependent dragon and a QR code leading to information on how people can learn, support and act on behalf of Diabetes Awareness Month. Digital versions of the sticker are also available for distribution on

In addition, ExpressionMed has added three new Diabetes Awareness designs to their tape and sticker collection. These can be worn by diabetics and non diabetics alike to spark conversation around the disease, and they make great gifts to show support for loved ones with diabetes. 

Lastly, 10% of November proceeds from ExpressionMed's diabetes-related tapes will be donated to College Diabetes Network (CDN). CDN helps young adults with Type 1 Diabetes find the peer connections and resources they need as they transition to college and beyond. The donations will be distributed to the young adults they serve. 

ExpressionMed makes pre-cut device tapes out of the most durable and comfortable materials, allowing users to get optimal performance out of their chronic care wearables. They currently sell over 200 designs for multiple device types, including diabetic supplies available world-wide. The consistent addition of vibrant and diverse design offerings enables devices to represent the people wearing them and not the disease they live with. Their products are made and packaged in the USA and are waterproof, frayproof, and easy to apply and wear. Products and additional information can be found at


Media Contact: 

Brittany Stevens
ExpressionMed Marketing Manager

Source: ExpressionMed

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