Explosive New Political Thriller

The president of a nation on the verge of civil war will stop at nothing to win reelection, even if it costs millions of American lives.

Hate's Recompense

Sure to join the ranks of best new political and technological thrillers, Hate’s Recompense is the electrifying debut novel of author Joseph H Gibson.

A true war of ideologies spawns a new civil war in the United States. President Ronald Kahn faces a stiff reelection and usurps the democratic process by executing cyber and bioterrorism attacks on his own country. Blaming Iran, Kahn declares a State of Emergency and fabricates a second more lethal attack by Iran, which he himself plans to execute through Athena, a revolutionary new technology that will give him the power to decide who lives and dies.

Henry Little Hawk and Aleja Trujillo, resistance leaders fighting for the people, learn the terrifying details about Kahn’s plans—and that millions of American lives are at stake. They race against the clock to reprogram Athena and give her full reign to end Kahn’s deadly politics. Can she stop Kahn before he commits the greatest crime in history?

Source: Joseph H Gibson


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Tags: Deadly politics, genocide, new civil war in America, political corruption, resistance leaders fighting for the people, revolutionary new technology, war of ideologies, worst crime in history

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