Exploring The Social Media Backlash Against The Empowerment Of Sex Workers

Sex workers who chose their profession and lifestyle are increasingly under attack in open forum, internet discussions and experts look for explanations.

The history of professional sex in modern society, ranging from the earliest burlesque shows and stripping to prostitution and adult films, is undeniably tainted by abuses, coercion and physical and emotional danger and damage. However, as tastes in society have changed and more women are actively pursuing such employment opportunities in a positive light, social media explodes with condemnation, ranging from snide insulting comments to egregious threats and exposure of personal information that can lead to physical attacks. Are these open forum discussions maelstroms simply just another example of the anonymous cyber-bullying, filling online discussions with bile or do they represent a more focused and potentially deadly expression of hatred? This is the root question that Melanie Berliet and Kayt Sukel seek to answer during their upcoming tawk "Is Sex Work Empowering Or Demeaning?"

"We are not so naive to think that everyone suddenly accepts the reality that many women seek out this lifestyle for a variety of positive reasons," Ms. Berliet said when announcing the upcoming open forum discussion on Tawkers.com. "However, as we have seen an increase in the openness of women to express how they feel, empowering them, there has been an equally explosive growth of negativity; people posting during internet discussions about how demeaning the lifestyle is and how these women are 'dragging feminism back into the Dark Ages'."

This discussion has found a distinct focal point recently when "Bell Knox", a Duke University freshman recently announced her intentions to start a career as an actress in adult films. Almost immediately social media exploded with various online conversations, featuring real time commentary, addressing the myriad of issues that arise from such a bold announcement.

"Ms. Knox, as she has chosen to be called, personifies the ability to separate the moral overtones other people, people not at all connected to the field, press down on these adult women with free will," Ms. Sukel said in the same statement released to announce the Tawk, "and focus on her legal rights to pursue these opportunities and advantages it will give her later in life,"

Personal morality has always been at the heart of the arguments for and against sex work, long before social media gave people the opportunity to share their opinions. This online conversation hopes to further these discussions in a positive way.

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Jack Terry blogs extensively about the impact of social media on the issues concerning personal liberties and freedoms.