Exploring Business in China: Tech Firms Head Out on Istuary Trade Mission

Canadian, U.S. technology entrepreneurs seek growth through contacts in Chinese cities

Canadian and U.S. technology firms with an eye on global expansion are headed to China for a two-week trade mission starting May 15. Istuary Idea Labs of the Istuary Innovation Group has organized a five-city tour to meet with institutional investors, distributors, potential clients and government representatives to provide the firms with firsthand advantages to grow their business in China.

Entrepreneurs and enterprise companies from Canada and the U.S. are looking to build connections with China’s local governments, as well as increase their knowledge of local market dynamics and policies regarding China’s growing technology sector. The participating companies cover key technology industry sectors including industrial manufacturing automation, robotics solutions, wearable computing technology, virtual reality, deep learning, big data analytics and digital platform solutions.

“We are excited to have a wide breadth and scope of the industry sectors joining the Istuary China Mission,” says Michael Liu, VP of Istuary Idea Labs. “China views North American technology as highly valuable. At Istuary, we understand the market environment and support the growth of the North American technology sector beyond domestic borders.”

Wearable computing technology will be getting a huge push from Steve Mann, recently appointed as Chief Scientist at Istuary Innovation Group. Mann, known as the Father of Wearable Technology, is well recognized in China’s tech community and sees a major advantage in bridging North American technology to China. Mann will be presenting at several investment forums and meetings on the latest technological developments in wearables.

A huge category for China is the robotics and industrial automation sector. Earlier this year, Istuary invested $2 million in Bluewrist Inc., including access and landing opportunities in China. Says Najah Ayadi, President of Bluewrist: “In just a few months from signing our partnership with Istuary, we have already identified key customers and the opening up of our market potential in China’s automotive industry.” This investment exemplifies Istuary Idea Labs’ “Martian Program” business model of bridging North American technology to the Chinese market.

Newcomers to China view the mission as an opportunity to extend their global reach. Andy Wolfe, CEO of ROIKOI, is keen to mark China as a potential market for employers looking to diversify its human capital. Says Wolfe, “ROIKOI is a diversity recruiting platform that helps companies prioritize outreach to the best candidates first. We are excited by the potential considering China is a major market for both local and international candidates seeking the best fit.”

Jamie Hollins, Founder of Sport Testing Inc., a leading provider and developer of athletic assessment technologies, says: “Our alignment with Istuary gives us extended capabilities to develop sports analytics and collect data on the road to Beijing to help the Chinese population live healthier and more active lifestyles while allowing them to monitor their progress to excellence.”

Rounding out the rest of the firms joining the Istuary China Mission are Big Solve Robotics, inMotiv, EYEXPO, Springpower International, Lucent, Splashtones, Terepac, 4D Retailing and Thomson Power.

The Istuary China Mission will be hosted May 15 to 26 across five major cities, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Chengdu. Joining the China Mission is the Deputy Mayor for the City of Toronto, Denzil Minnan-Wong, who will be heading the kick-off session in China. Participants will have access to trade shows, investment forums and industrial park orientations.

For further information about the Istuary China Mission, go to www.istuary.com/chinamission.

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