ExploreOneVietnam Explains Why Tourists Are Enjoying Their Visits to Vietnam

Vietnam's tourism industry continues to grow from its increasing number of international visitors.

It is no longer news that Vietnam continues to gain traction from tourists, globally. In light of this, Explore One Vietnam, a travel and tourism awareness agency made a survey that studies the characters, comments, and ventures of inbound tourists into Vietnam. The survey indicates that a great percentage of the in-coming tourists were stirred to come by the testimony of indigenes, previous visitors, and what they read online. Therefore, ma​ny of these visitors came to have nice times exploring history while they also seek to maximize fun in the city. The survey went further to consider the fun activities of many of these visitors and the things they like the most about Vietnam. The reports obtained were analyzed and group to develop a standard dossier of the tourists’ enjoyable moments and places in the South-eastern Asian country that finds comfort at the Southern part of China Sea.

First, many people look forward to understanding the weather and climate of various places in Vietnam to determine when is the best time to visit Vietnam as it suits them or what season they can cope with and enjoy. Understanding this as a key trend that determines what time people visit Vietnam and the particular places they favor in certain weathers, Explore One Vietnam published an article on the best time to visit Vietnam.

March to April and October to November are considered good times to visit places like Sapa because of the warmth of the weather. Ha Ong Bay is welcoming for guests seeking adventure. Many interviewed tourists explained that the Ha Long Bay is enjoyable because of the scuba diving, kayaking trips, boat tours, etc., all of which are perfect for the warm season.

Furthermore, visitors who are careful about their choices of food take the time to look out for places in different cities where they would lodge, to look for diners and restaurants that provide intercontinental dishes. Hence, visitors choose their destinations in Vietnam by looking for places with intercontinental meal options, especially vegans. Cuisine is an important culture that almost everyone carries with them where ever they go. 

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