Experior Financial Group Inc. Demonstrates a Commitment to Customer Fairness and Transparency With Its Personalized Financial Solutions

Examining the policies and processes in place to ensure commitment to the customer.

Experior Financial Group, Inc. is proud to release information in regard to policies and procedures that relate to the fair treatment of customers and the efforts to always do right by the customers.

In order to ensure that they can assist the client with knowledge about their financial situation, a more senior manager in the company typically attends a new agent's first meeting with a client. A Financial Needs Analysis is done with each client to ensure that their complete financial situation is analyzed and considered when creating a unique plan to meet their needs and goals. These must be submitted with each sale so that at any time, our compliance team is able to make sure clients are getting the products that are right for them and their individual situations.

Clients are then educated by the agent on the products and services being recommended so that they can make the right decision for their financial needs.

Each new piece of business is reviewed by a senior manager or an Executive Director prior to being submitted to Experior Financial Group's head office team. Upon submission, all appropriate documents are reviewed by staff who have been trained directly by the Director of Operations and the President. Also, product partners have taken the time to show the team with their specific applications what to look for. This is to ensure that the New Business team knows exactly what to look for and that nothing is missing. If items are missing or absent, they are flagged and sent back for further attention or up the chain of command for review. 

Experior's Director of Operations, President, and Compliance team are also ready to respond or intervene if the need should arise, as well as ensure that the policies, procedures, and controls are monitored. They assess and identify risks in order to mitigate the possibility of unfair outcomes for customers. 

Here is a breakdown of the evenly distributed sales made in 2021 and 2022, showing that agents sell a range of products to clients based on their needs.

Experior Financial Group does not run incentives, contests, or bonuses for our agents based on the types of products. The vast majority of the contests are based on recruitment and business building. This ensures that Experior does not encourage favouritism around products that the agents choose to sell in the best interest of their clients.

Experior takes its responsibility for fair treatment of the client very seriously and endeavours to offer clients solutions that will have a positive impact on their financial goals and needs. As the mission statement says, "Building financial foundations for families to empower them today and leave a legacy for tomorrow."

Experior Financial Group Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated MGA serving insurance agents and their clients across Canada and the USA.

Source: Experior Financial Group, Inc.

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