Experimental Biology and Medicine Announces New Publishing Partnership With Frontiers

The journal Experimental Biology and Medicine (EBM), currently published by SAGE, will be transferring to the Gold open-access publisher Frontiers in January 2024. Authors can begin to submit manuscripts through the Frontiers portal as of October 4, 2023. EBM is the journal of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine (SEBM)SEBM was founded in 1903 and its journal, under a previous title Proceedings of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine, was created in 1904. For its first 102 years, the journal was a preeminent biomedical research journal in the United States. In July 2006, Dr. Steven R. Goodman became the Editor-in-Chief of EBM, and he has transformed the journal into a global leader with broad and modern coverage of the field. Dr. Goodman's goals were to globalize the journal and by virtue of doing so globalize the society, update the seven categories already present in 2006 while adding new interdisciplinary categories, and transform the composition of the Editorial Board. These efforts have borne fruit, and EBM has expanded to 22 categories covering the breadth of biomedical research, including all translational stages. 

EBM's focus is on biomedical research that is relevant to the practice of medicine. The current journal categories are Anatomy/Pathology; Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Applications to Biomedical Research, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Bioimaging; Biomedical Engineering; Bionanoscience; Cell and Developmental Biology; Clinical Trials; Endocrinology and Nutrition; Environmental Health/Biomarkers/Precision Medicine; Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics; Immunology/Microbiology/Virology; Mechanisms of Aging; Neuroscience; Pharmacology and Toxicology; Physiology; Population Health, Stem Cell Biology; Structural Biology; Synthetic Biology; Systems Biology and Microphysiological Systems; and Translational Research. In terms of global expansion, EBM/SEBM now has offices and Global Editors on five continents with plans to expand into Australia/Oceania. In addition to its US offices in Washington, DC, Memphis, and College Station, EBM/SEBM now has offices in Taiwan (Tainan) and China (Chengdu), Asia; the UK (London), Europe; Brazil (Campinas), South America; and Ghana (Accra), Africa. The current 180-member Editorial Board has 25% of its Editors, Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members coming from outside the US. With these changes, EBM submissions have grown by over 600% since 2006. 

Commenting on the partnership with Frontiers, EBM's Editor-in-Chief Dr. Steven Goodman said: "Moving EBM to a fully open access model is a significant step that will enable us to better support our global community of researchers. We look forward to working with Frontiers to build on EBM's long history of success." 

Robyn Mugridge, Head of Publishing Partnerships at Frontiers, commented: "We are delighted to be partnering with SEBM to transition EBM to a fully open-access model and contribute to the growing commitment to open-access publishing in the field of experimental biology." 

Frontiers is the 3rd most-cited and 6th largest research publisher. We publish ground-breaking discoveries by the world's top experts. Scientists empower society and our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by making science open. We place the researcher at the center of everything we do and enable the research community to develop the solutions we need to live healthy lives on a healthy planet. Featuring custom-built technology, artificial intelligence, and rigorous quality standards, our research articles have been viewed more than 2.1 billion times, reflecting the power of research that is open for all. To learn more about Frontiers, please visit https://www.frontiersin.org/.

Experimental Biology and Medicine is a global journal dedicated to the publication of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the biomedical sciences. The journal was first established in 1903. Experimental Biology and Medicine is the journal of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine. To learn about the benefits of society membership, visit www.sebm.org. If you are interested in publishing in the journal, please contact the editorial office at bzimmer@sebm.org.

For more information, please contact ebm@sebm.org.

Source: Experimental Biology and Medicine

About Experimental Biology and Medicine

Experimental Biology and Medicine is a journal dedicated to the publication of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the biomedical sciences. The journal was first established in 1903.


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