Experienced Higher Education Technology Leader Joins to Support Product Development and Engineering

Denver-based student portal and mobile-app company adds Chris Hagan to senior management team, expanding its group of academic, education, and technology experts helping colleges and universities connect people, information and systems.

Earlier this month, Campus announced a key expansion of its senior management team, as well as IT operations with the hiring of Chris Hagan, Director at Stackable Regiments and former Solutions Architect at Monash University. Chris joins the team as Chief Technology Officer and oversees the entire Campus technology stack.

An internationally recognized expert as a system architect, programmer, cloud-solutions manager, developer, and engineer, as well as a respected operational executive, Mr. Hagan bolsters Campus’ institutional technology expertise, helping partners grow, scale, and strategize for success with students, staff, faculty, and beyond. 

"This is the second engagement I have had with Chris and I couldn’t be more excited," said Dr. Jeff D. Borden, Chief Academic Officer at Campus and Executive Director of the Institute for Inter-Connected Education. "Chris Hagan is a mixture of creativity, curiosity, endurance, and cognitive excellence. He is one of those guys who the really big tech companies are all after, yet his heart for education has led him to projects that will help students have the most optimal experience possible. At the same time, his ability to look at technology from a true systems-perspective is incredibly important. He walked in the door and helped identify efficiencies, helped the team focus strategies, and helped the company better our integrations immediately.” 

The addition of Mr. Hagan represents a strategic decision to move beyond promoting education technology ‘for the sake of technology’ as some companies entertain, instead of creating transformational experiences that align with Higher Education’s mission and operational objectives. Chris will reinforce Campus’ world-class technology, modern user experience, omni-channel system, and hyper-connected platform with discovery, implementation, subject matter, operational, and change management expertise so as to support multiple initiatives at almost every institution. 

During his time at Monash University, a top research university in Victoria, Australia with over 70,000 students, Chris helped the organization improve Dev Ops, TDD practices, and much-needed documentation. Chris also built and continues to support MeTL, a next-generation instructional system. Throughout his time at Monash and also at Stackable Regiments, Mr. Hagan has continued helping institutions integrate MeTL in both technology and change management ways, while also continuing to consult for top 100, world-wide companies ensuring his skills remain razor sharp. 

“Tertiary education should be at the front of technical exploration,” says Mr. Hagan. “The institution should be driving education itself forward - it should be progressive, data-driven magic behind the scenes and a comfortable, familiar experience in the students’ hands. My goal with Campus and our other education technology work is to help make that a reality instead of wishful thinking!” 

Campus looks forward to the next phase of this academic administrator’s career path, growing our technology capabilities while bolstering strategic planning. Chris Hagan will bring a strong vision, mission, and practical voice to the senior management team, which now boasts over 100 years of academic administration experience. 

About Campus: Campus is a modern student portal and mobile app (a “digital campus”) that better connects people, information and systems across the student lifecycle – helping universities and colleges improve student recruitment, experience, success and fundraising. Campus is a product of Ucroo Incorporated.

For more information, visit: https://campus.app

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Campus is a modern portal and mobile app that better connects people, information and systems across universities and colleges - helping them improve recruitment, experience and success for all constituents. Campus is a product of Ucroo Incorporated.

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