Expanding Welsh Company Set to Revolutionise Pharmacological Profiling and Toxicity Screening

The global pharmaceuticals industry annually spends between $130B - $150B developing, profiling and screening new drugs. Between 97% and 99% of these newly-discovered compounds fail at the later stages of the process - costing an estimated $97.5B - $115.5B per annum.

Specialising in the development of a new generation of in silico tools for the prediction of molecular interactions at whole system scale, Moleculomics has experienced tremendous growth since spinning out of Swansea University’s Institute of Life Science in 2012 and has recently opened a subsidiary office in Canada which provides the bridge between North America and Europe.

Having recently announced the launch of two exciting new products - Panel 44 and Panel 331 – Moleculomics are set to revolutionise the way pharmacological profiling and toxicity screening are undertaken within the industry.

"Within driving distance of neighbouring life science hubs of Boston and Toronto, Montréal's infrastructure and geographical location make it an ideal bridge between North America and Europe".

Jonathan Mullins, Moleculomics Founder & CEO

Panel 44, which may be used for pharmacological profiling, and Panel 331 for toxicity screening, have been developed with active industry input from Unilever and Dow AgroSciences with support from the NC3Rs.  Extensive benchmarking to global in vitro resources has demonstrated a high predictive accuracy which allows potentially toxic or adverse reactions to be predicted and eliminated sooner.

Ensuring the earlier detection and elimination of unsuitable compounds will enable clients to focus on the most promising leads, potentially saving the global pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars and reinforcing Moleculomics' position as a leader in this field. 

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