Exist Takes Retail Innovation to the Next Level With Anahaw

New retail software system now provides retailers a powerful tool to centrally manage their business, gain real-time visibility and deliver superior customer experience.

Exist Software Labs, a leading global consulting and technology solutions company formally launches Anahaw, a fully-integrated, browser-based retail software system designed to help today’s Filipino retailers boost operational efficiency, increase profitability, and deliver superior customer experience.

Exist showcases this innovative solution with the goal of empowering retailers streamline their operations, gain competitive advantage, and maximize their full potential.

Anahaw offers point-of-sale, inventory and merchandising management, CRM and marketing, reporting and analytics, and financial management capabilities in an integrated end-to-end retail solution. It allows holistic visibility across the entire retail operations where data are updated real-time, consolidated, and readily accessible. It provides business insights to enable faster and data-driven response to customer demands and make better decisions.

“Retailers use too many different IT systems that fail to deliver timely reports and consistent data which affects sales and profitability. Working with PT Trans Retail (Carrefour Indonesia), a global retail giant, allowed us to identify first hand the challenges encountered by retailers and address these by providing an integrated, scalable, and cost effective system that they can use to centrally manage their business,“ said Mike Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Exist Software Labs.

“With the Filipino market in mind, it drove us to create something better. We are excited to serve the local market and cater to the unique needs of small, medium and large enterprises,” Lim added.

Anahaw has three product offerings; namely, a Basic POS Solution which provides a modern, full-featured POS solution with a powerful back office system; an Enterprise Retail Suite which enables an end-to-end retail solution that covers all aspects of a business from POS, store management, back office to reporting and accounting; and a Custom Developed Software which provides a retail solution tailored specifically to the retailer’s needs.

Anahaw is highly scalable and can meet the unique demands of retailers as they grow their businesses. It is also fully extensible, ready to adapt to any technology changes and business requirements.

"We understand that retailers today value the agility to quickly adapt to the ever changing retail market conditions. Anahaw has been designed and built on a modular platform that is able to accommodate future needs,” Lim said.

Anahaw helps businesses of all types and sizes manage everything within a single system anytime, anywhere in an easy to maintain, customizable, and cost-efficient retail system.  ​