Exide Unveils New Battery Innovations at Automechanika


​Exide Technologies, a leading global provider of stored electrical energy solutions, unveiled its latest products at the Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 trade fair. These included a groundbreaking commercial vehicle battery and a new Motorbike & Sport range. The company also showcased its market-leading car batteries, including its renowned Start-Stop line-up. Working as an original-equipment supplier to many of the world’s leading car and truck makers, Exide’s latest innovations will directly serve the aftermarket.

Exide’s Start-Stop batteries were designed in its original-equipment business, and the latest generation is already meeting or exceeding the requirements under the new EN 50342-6(2015) standard. Start-Stop vehicles are hitting the aftermarket in large quantities, and installers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to select the right technology.

With a true Start-Stop battery homologated by carmakers, the Start-Stop system operates at peak performance and full fuel savings are realized – leading to reduced costs for motorists. Exide has not only the right technology, but also up-to-date fitment information and a battery replacement tool, helping installers to service this growing segment of the market.

StrongPRO is Exide’s all-new truck battery. It features a next-generation HVR (high vibration resistance) design, and comes with Carbon Boost, Exide’s smart solution for reduced acid stratification, faster recharge, and increased cycling. Since AdBlue tanks have been introduced to assist diesel trucks in achieving EURO 6 emissions regulation requirements, many truck makers have moved the battery to the rear chassis, where increased vibrations can cause early battery failures.

Exide’s unique HVR technology is engineered to prevent this, and enabled StrongPRO to pass the extreme V4 vibration tests under the new European EN 50342-1(2015) standard – one of the first batteries on the market to do so. With more starting reliability and longer lifespan, StrongPRO provides the optimal total cost of ownership for your fleet.

Exide launched its new Motorbike & Sport range at Automechanika. This includes new Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries, which are ultra-lightweight for faster acceleration and a better riding experience. These batteries are ideal for seasonal use, come with high cranking capability and target passionate bikers seeking extra battery performance. Exide has experience manufacturing industrial lithium-ion batteries for materials handling, which was vital in bringing Exide Li-Ion to market.

The Motorbike & Sport range features brand new packaging with a sleek, user-centered design. Product benefits and features are described on the box, and a QR code takes you to a special website with detailed product information – providing a range of benefits for installers and retailers. In addition to Li-Ion, the range includes high-performance GEL, AGM Ready, AGM and Conventional batteries.

“Exide received a great reception at Automechanika. Visitors were aware of the new EN 50342 standard, and were delighted to see that Exide is already meeting or exceeding the requirements,” said Michael Geiger, VP Sales & Marketing – EMEA at Exide Technologies. “The new tests were designed to push batteries to their limits – and Exide’s latest innovations are already up to the task.” 

Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 took place on 13–17 September and attracted around 140,000 visitors over the five days. Exide successfully launched its next-generation batteries at the show.

Source: Exide Technologies

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