Exercise Challenge Participants Lose an Average of 10 Inches —Without Dieting

Participants in reCharge Pilates & Barre's third annual 28-day challenge lose an average of 10 inches —without changes in diet.

​​Results from this year’s challenge prove that consistent participation in Barre, Pilates, and yoga classes leads to increased strength and flexibility as well as inches lost—without changes in diet. 38 participants, ranging in age from 23 to 65, participated in daily pilates and yoga workouts during reCharge Pilates & Barre’s 28-day challenge in February 2016 in an effort to increase their strength and flexibility. At the onset of the challenge, participants were measured in a number of areas to create a baseline, including strength, endurance, flexibility, and body measurements. At the end of the month, each participant was reassessed. As in years past, profound changes were revealed in each of the participants across a range of measurable points:

·       Participants lost an average of 10 inches total—one full dress size

"It's gratifying to see people taking control over their health through a commitment to exercise."

Sloan Rachmuth, Owner, reCharge Pilates & Barre

·       100% of participants lost inches off of their thighs

·       Average participant lost 2 inches from their hips

·       Participants lost an average of 1.5 inches from their waist, which lowers their risk for cardiovascular disease by nearly 10% 1

·       Average increase in flexibility was comparable to practicing yoga for an entire year 2  

·       10% increase in hamstring, back, and hip flexibility

·       An 88% increase in muscular strength and endurance for participants who had already been exercising regularly

·       Participants averaged an additional 11 military-style pushups than when they began the challenge

With her background in the medical field, reCharge owner and founder Sloan Rachmuth is passionate about helping people live stronger, healthier lives. “It’s  gratifying rally people in taking control of their health through making fitness a part of their every day."  Rachmuth observed,  "people joining the challenge each year come in to it with varying levels of fitness and from across the age spectrum. But at the end of the month, they all tell me how proud they are of themselves for taking control of their health, and choosing to prioritize fitness.”

The Challenge often draws in people who are seeking something new to boost their motivation to exercise. For Cindy Guteman, a woman in her 60’s who struggled to find time to exercise, reCharge was a perfect fit. “With my 65th birthday rapidly approaching, I made a commitment to myself to become stronger. Gyms didn't work. Working out on my own just wasn't working. So I thought I would try reCharge . . . and I LOVE it.” Cindy knew that scheduling out classes for each week would help her stick to her commitment. “I knew if the classes were on my calendar, I would have to schedule around them. It worked.”

For runners, supplementing a running program with classes at reCharge can make a big difference in their running efficiency and strength. For long-time runner Cecilia Gonzales, reCharge classes not only helped her running, but her outlook as well. “I still maintain that the classes offered at ReCharge are the best full-body (and mind) workouts offered in the Triangle. It helps to strengthen areas of my body that are needed to more efficiently run and live my everyday life. My posture is better, my confidence higher, and my body stronger!”



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