Executive Director of GLHC to Speak About Mid-Michigan Housing Plan

The Greater Lansing Housing Coalition is moving along with research and development of the ICE 5-Year Fair and Affordable Housing Plan.

Affordable housing in Mid-Michigan is under scrutiny, but is poised for improvement in the coming five years. Katherine Draper, Executive Director of the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition, along with her staff, will be available during the months of July and August to speak about the upcoming 5-year plan, named "ICE Affordable Housing Initiatives: The Next Five Years." They specifically plan to speak with groups interested in sustainability, housing, community growth and improvement, and assistance for families and individuals. Katherine and her staff will address the current housing situation, predictions and forecasts for future population and housing growth, and options for improving housing affordability. The GLHC staff will specifically discuss how the 5-year plan will impact and benefit various communities and industries in the Mid-Michigan region.

Everyone from young adults to seniors is affected by the availability of affordable housing. People in Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton counties are still recovering from both the recession and the housing collapse of 2007, so it is important to address how ICE Affordable Housing Initiatives: the Next Five Years will benefit everyone. "This initiative affects all people in the Mid-Michigan area. We want the community to know how they will be impacted. It is important to us that people are aware of what is happening in their community and how they can help, because the availability of affordable housing affects everyone, even if not directly," stresses Draper.

If your group is looking for someone to speak in-depth about the upcoming fair and affordable housing plan, contact the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition at 517-372-5982. The GLHC staff will work with you on how to best share the information that will be included in the 5-year plan and what it could mean to members of your organization in particular.


The Tri-County 5-Year Fair and Affordable Housing Plan (FAHP) is termed "ICE" because of the specific focus on Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton counties. The Greater Lansing Housing Coalition was founded in 1989 as a non-profit community development corporation. Its mission is to help Tri-County communities prosper by providing housing assistance, revitalizing neighborhoods, and empowering residents through education and counseling. Since 1995, GLHC has acquired, rehabilitated or constructed, and sold more than 185 single-family homes to income-eligible, first-time home buyers. The GLHC also has four area housing subsidiaries with 260 apartments to assist low-income seniors, disabled persons and others needing affordable apartments. In addition to helping people obtain fair, safe and affordable housing, the GLHC offers a MSHDA-certified comprehensive counseling program to the community, including credit, foreclosure and homebuyer counseling, at no cost. To learn more, visit www.glhc.org or call 517-372-5980.