ExecOnline Finds 78% of Business Leaders Anticipate Significant Strategic Changes as a Result of the U.S. Election, but Many Are Unprepared

Provider of Elite Online Executive Content Surveys Top North American Corporate Leaders to Understand Directional Shifts

Decision Leaders Anticipate Change

With a new U.S. President in office, businesses across industries are strategizing on how to succeed and prosper under the helm of this new administration - but many are finding themselves ill-prepared for the impending changes. Today, ExecOnline, a provider of elite online executive educational content, released ExecOnline’s Trump Leadership Survey, which evaluates current business leader sentiment around the incoming administration,  assesses opportunities and challenges, as well as accounts for how prepared these organizations are to execute against newly defined strategic initiatives.

Corporate leaders believe they must make changes as a result of the new administration in order to position their organizations for success. Nearly 8 in 10 business leaders anticipate changing a major strategic decision based on the election. The top ranking changes being 39% of business leaders anticipate changing financial projections, 30% organizational strategy and 30% capital investments.

Are these businesses prepared to execute on these changes? According to ExecOnline’s survey, 83% of leaders say that they frequently observe employees resisting change and only 46% of leaders agree that peer leaders effectively create buy-in for change. In fact, business leaders will need to focus on a whole new set of leadership activities and skill sets to manage change in this environment.

“For businesses to excel in this new era of U.S. capitalism they must account for more than just scenario planning and set their sights on grooming and nurturing existing and incoming talent,” said Stephen Bailey, Founder and CEO of ExecOnline. “Employees and key stakeholders will be crucial to any businesses success moving forward, as our survey found that the risk of employee division and conflict scored as a much bigger concern for top business leaders than geo-political conflict.”

ExecOnline’s Trump Leadership Survey is compiled from two surveys that capture responses from over 1300 respondents from 54 large, U.S.-headquartered companies across 17 industries.

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