Exec Coaches From Silicon Valley Change Are Sharing 20-Minute Strategies on Working From Home Daily

Each Day, 2-2:20pm ET, Executive Coaches From Silicon Valley Change Share 20-Minute Strategies for Working From Home #wfh

A couple of months ago, work and home life were clearly separated. Most of us were still going to the office during the day and asking the kids at dinner about what happened at school. Then the pandemic appeared and everything got mixed together. Now that our whole world is at home, we get interrupted during important work meetings on Zoom by a child asking for one of a thousand things. We can no longer outsource any of the household chores, so housework piles up on top of work-work and schoolwork!

Some people will come through this challenging time better than others. How can we shift the odds so that we come through well?

That’s the purpose of the free series of 20-minute webinars provided daily by Silicon Valley Change: helping people take the actions and build the habits that allow them to adapt and thrive in this challenging environment. These webinars are short enough to serve as brief daily respites from the stresses of working at home while still providing one to three simple beneficial practices. The episodes run every day 2-2:20pm ET well into May. Each day features an experienced executive coach.

Dr. Senia Maymin, CEO of Silicon Valley Change, says, "Our coaches were talking and thinking, 'what can we do in this time?' These mini-webinars are the result.... It's been so touching seeing people working from home respond and say that this is just what they needed - quick, concise, and actionable nudges."

Maymin adds, "At Silicon Valley Change, our coaches are incredible. We don't just coach - we care. That is coming across so clearly in these mini-webinars."

Schedule for the next few webinars:

This Week

4/30/20 Thurs - Ilene Schaffer - Play Small and Stay in the Game: 3 Tiny Tweaks to Your Shelter-in-Place Routine for BIG Impact on Physical Health and Wellbeing

5/1/20 Fri Silicon Valley Change coaches – 5 Weeks and Things to Remember

Week of May 4, 2020

5/4/20 Mon - Senia Maymin - A Short Checklist for Running Great Virtual Meetings

5/5/20 Tues - Margaret Greenberg - How to Grow Your Business during the Pandemic

5/6/20 Wed - Louisa Jewell - Reducing Stress and Anxiety during This Time

5/7/20 Thurs - Silicon Valley Change coaches – AMA about Strategies for Working Remotely

5/8/20 Fri - Brian Branagan - Remember to Breathe: Creating Coherence in a Crazy World

An ongoing schedule of future speakers will be at our events site.

Sign up to watch future webinars live at https://tinyurl.com/WorkRemoteYay

To view past webinars: join the Facebook group, or watch on YouTube

For the schedule for future webinars, visit our site.

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Founded in 2014, Silicon Valley Change is a network of more than 80 executive coaches that works with premier technical companies around the world to help them invest in the development of managers and top performers. Clients include VMware, Logitech, parts of the Air Force, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and others. Silicon Valley Change offers 1:1 coaching and virtual workshops to companies and individuals. All of our coaches are not only experienced coaches but also have completed Masters and other programs in the science of wellbeing and accomplishment. 

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Silicon Valley Change is a global network of executive coaches that works with premier technology companies. Clients include VMware, Logitech, and parts of the Air Force. Silicon Valley Change offers 1:1 coaching and virtual workshops.

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