Exclusive Third-Party North American Distributor for Wingamm Group Launches Reg CF Equity Crowdfunding on StartEngine

RV and Van Life Enthusiasts Given Unique Opportunity to Invest in Bringing Europe's Most Innovative Motorhomes to America


W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc., the third-party exclusive North American distributor for Wingamm™ Group - the leading manufacturer of compact recreational vehicles (RVs) - announces its Reg CF equity crowdfunding on StartEngine, which is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S.  

For over 40 years, Wingamm™ Group has produced the most compact, technologically advanced, and luxurious recreational vehicles in the world, currently selling seven motorhome and two travel-trailer models in 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. In the face of overwhelming popular demand, W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc. is bringing these exquisite, compact motorhomes to customers in North America.

"With our North American launch, Wingamm™ becomes a global project with fans and enthusiasts of its motorhomes and travel trailers all over the world. In the interconnected world we live in today, finding new and innovative ways to engage our audience matches our mission of always being on the cutting edge," said Tony Diamond, CEO of W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc.

W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc. is the exclusive North American (Mexico, United States and Canada) distributor of Wingamm™ Group. The distribution company is pre-revenue, but has already received over 10,000 inquiries and pre-sold over 200 motorhomes which will generate over $30 million in revenue when delivered.

"Wingamm videos have millions upon millions of views and we've received over ten thousand phone calls and emails from those interested in Wingamm™ motorhomes. The fervor for Wingamm™ is palpable. It's the joy of a lifetime to bring the enthusiasm of the Wingamm™ community together through crowdfunding," said Tony Diamond.

W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc.'s data team has shown that the most popular YouTube videos reviewing the Wingamm™ Oasi 540 and Oasi 610 motorhomes have more views than review videos of any other Class B motorhome by a significant margin. In Google searches per month, the Wingamm™ Oasi 540 model ranks 4th among the leading Class B motorhome models, behind only the top-selling motorhomes of industry giants Winnebago and Airstream. 

"Since the news of Wingamm's expansion from Europe to the U.S. market first broke last year, content surrounding the Wingamm™ Oasi 540 and the upcoming Oasi 610 and Oasi 690 has generated tremendous online buzz. This consumer outpouring of interest is what sparked the idea for W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc. to do a crowdfunding campaign," said Tony Diamond.

Through the StartEngine campaign, Wingamm™ enthusiasts and current consumers can invest in W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc. For more information about the craftsmanship of the Oasi 540, Oasi 610 and Oasi 690, please visit Wingamm.com/us. To learn more and invest in W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc., please visit the company's campaign page on StartEngine at StartEngine.com/Wmotorhome.

About W Motorhome Sales North America Inc.

W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc., is the exclusive distributor of Wingamm products in North America. The company aims to disrupt the North American recreational vehicle market by delivering superior products and unmatched customer service to North American customers via stylish boutique retail showrooms. W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc. is an exclusive distribution partner, not an affiliate, of Wingamm Group Srl.

DISCLAIMER: W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc. (the "Company") is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC ("SI Securities"). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which may be obtained at StartEngine.com/Wmotorhome. This press release contains forward-looking statements and information relating to, among other things, the company, its business plan and strategy, and its industry. Investors should review the risks and disclosures in the offering's draft. Before making an investment decision, investors should review the company's Form C for a complete description of its business and offering.

Source: W Motorhome Sales North America, Inc.

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