Exclusive News for IGG's Next Top Game!

Prepare to enter a world of battle in Lords Mobile, a real-time competitive strategy game! Build up your empire, collect unique Heroes, train an army of troops, and battle your way to the top! But you're not alone in this world. Create or join a guild and ally yourself with other players for the greater good! Whether alone or with friends, the world is yours for the taking in Lords Mobile!

IGG is launching another big mobile game title Lords Mobile, with brand new SLG+RPG elements.

Game Features

  • Global Battlefield 
    Wage war against players all around the globe! Lords Mobile connects you with opponents from countries all over the world. Do you have what it takes to be the greatest Lord or Lady of them all?

  • Intense Real-Time 3D Action
    Tired of sq uinting at tiny little sprites on the battlefield? Us too! That's why battles in Lords Mobile are all in full 3D graphics! Zoom in, rotate the camera, and watch the action unfold however you like, all in real-time! And to top it off, your base features 3D graphics, too!I

  • Unique Heroes
    A cast of dozens of Heroes is waiting to lead your troops! With their own unique skills and abilities, there's a Hero for every play style. Whether you want to act as a one-man army in Hero Stages or command a squad of seasoned warriors in Skirmishes, the action never stops!

  • Endless Strategic Depth
    There's no end to the ways you can build your kingdom and ensure your success. You can upgrade buildings, research new technology, train soldiers, Hire Heroes, and build traps. When it comes time for battle, you can scout out your foes to develop a clear strategy and make full use of your Heroes' Battle Skills.

  • Team Up to Triumph 
    Join a Guild and conquer the world with your friends! Just like in an MMO you can help each other out, rally your allies to fight a common enemy, and share in the spoils of battle!


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