Exchangelodge Launches Its Digital Process Automation and Data Management Platform

Exchangelodge, a digital process automation and data management platform for Private Capital, today announced the availability of its version 1.0. As an enterprise solution built with modern technology and delivered through a secure cloud environment, it aims to be a key solution for the industry.

Exchangelodge provides a digital platform that includes:

  • Workflow Manager – Facilitates mission-critical business events across internal and external teams, and provides a playbook of Private Capital specific workflows.

And, it will soon have these components:

  • Data Manager – Integrates structured and unstructured data within a firm, and provides technology that automates Private Capital processes.
  • Report Manager – Automates metric reporting of business events to provide transparency to management teams, clients, and investors.

“Private Capital assets under management are growing rapidly. This growth, coupled with increasing demands from regulators and investors, is straining the existing operating models of these firms. We are excited about the availability of the Exchangelodge platform, which delivers a powerful automation solution for alternative investment managers,” said Robert Caporale, CEO of Exchangelodge.

Providing insight to the benefits of using this type of platform, EY’s 2017 Global Private Equity Survey speaks to how “Digital process automation – mobile, self-service, analytics, and workflow – can provide efficiencies for GPs and LPs.” It continues that “Beyond solving the investor request challenge and automating the routine, digitized process opens up an additional world of automation to enable electronic ingestion of unstructured data from documents to streamline process and regulatory compIiance.”

James Haluszczak, Founder of Exchangelodge, said, “We’re thrilled to release the first version of Exchangelodge and take a big step toward delivering on our overall vision of helping Private Capital firms automate and manage data.”

About Exchangelodge

Exchangelodge is making Private Capital data management simple and teams productive. Providing a playbook of workflows, enterprise data connectors, and metric reports, our platform improves efficiency, mitigates data and key-man risk, and enhances investor and regulatory reporting.

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SteelBridge Laboratories provides carefully selected FinTech startup companies with deep industry experience that arms entrepreneurs and management teams with the appropriate tools for success. The Lab invests in pre- or early-revenue startup FinTech companies that innovate to solve systematic industry gaps. Their target companies are service-enabled and cloud-based with B2C market volume but use a B2B delivery approach and capital efficiency. Exchangelodge is a portfolio company within The Lab.

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About Exchangelodge

Exchangelodge makes private capital data management simple and teams productive by providing a playbook of workflows, enterprise data connectors, and metric reports.

1725 Washington Street , #Suite 305
Pittsburgh, PA


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