Excelsium Provides Medical Students With Quality Live MCAT Instruction at an Affordable Price

With a major emphasis placed on individual attention and live guidance, Excelsium has emerged as a pioneer within the MCAT prep industry.


Excelsium, an MCAT preparation company fueled by a team of dedicated medical students focused on shaping the future of medicine, is offering affordable live instruction to students who are interested in becoming tomorrow's physicians. Whereas most MCAT preparation courses can be prohibitively expensive, with many costing as much as $3,000 or more, Excelsium offers quality live instruction at just $999, which includes $549 worth of the best practice material on the market.

For college students and graduates aspiring towards a career in medicine, the MCAT is a major obstacle standing in the way of medical school admission. While many believe that if one was to work hard and study the material for the test, said person should get a score reflecting that hard work. However, that is simply not the case, as college students from across the country who are top of their class are stopped in their tracks by this exam year after year.

A primary reason this occurs is the simple fact that most colleges do not effectively prepare students for the MCAT. Independent preparation is an absolute necessity for success. However, similar courses that claim to be "affordable" elsewhere in the test prep space only provide on-demand content. The power of live instruction is critical, as it offers an extra layer of support, guidance, and motivation that can make a major difference come test day. 

"We recognized that so many pre-med students just needed a small boost in accountability when it came to their studying routine, yet there were no services that were reasonably priced on the market whatsoever," said Daniel Antohi, managing member at Excelsium.

"These students didn't need a 3-6 thousand dollar plan that focuses on handholding. They just needed live instruction that would help them navigate their preparation journey and not leave them to watch dense science video lectures like they were watching Netflix or an overpriced YouTube channel."  

Another issue plaguing the MCAT test preparation industry lies within the instructor pool itself. Many MCAT instructors either hold Ph.D.'s, master's, or bachelor's degrees on different science topics, but they themselves have never actually stood for the exam. As a result, these instructors often fail to provide strategies on how to prepare for science-related material that is found on the exam. 

Not many doctors are teaching this material to students today, as the majority of them are focused on their respective careers. However, even the few that have chosen to teach MCAT prep courses are in a weak position as instructors, as the MCAT exam changed in 2015. This means that most doctors did not take the exam students are currently taking.  

Excelsium is operated by medical students that aced their MCAT exams within the past couple of years. Each Excelsium team member knows firsthand what students face when preparing for the exam as well as the steps to take to optimize the preparation period. All Excelsium medical-student instructors fall above the 95th percentile in terms of test performance, and the curriculum is committed to small class environments limited to a maximum of 10 students per class. In addition to the specialized instruction and affordable cost, Excelsium offers 0% interest payment plans and an array of ongoing discounts for students in need of financial assistance.

"Ultimately, it is a reality that standardized exams pave the way for all our future doctors," said Antohi. "With that being said, no exam should amplify resource inequalities among our brightest students, especially not the MCAT. Excelsium has managed to do what the test prep industry has not been able to achieve for years - bridge affordability and accountability within an online instruction model." 

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