Evreka Offers Its Technology Free of Charge for the Fight Against COVID-19

Evreka - Process management and tracking in disinfection operations technology

"As humanity, we are face to face with a crisis; however, we do believe that by joining forces, we can overcome these hard times," said Umutcan Duman, the CEO of Evreka.

Evreka announces that in the light of its global experience in urban cleaning/disinfection/sterilization, until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, it will provide its technologies for both people and to operations, completely free of charge to all relevant institutions and organizations all around the World.

Evreka, who is the leader in the waste management sector, has announced that it will provide its new & tailor-made logistics and management solution free of charge and calls on all humanity to support the fight against the pandemic with all they can contribute.

With the technology that Evreka will provide free of charge to all relevant institutions and organizations, tracking of the disinfection operations in the cities can be reached from a single platform, managers can easily manage processes, and maximum efficiency in these operations can be accomplished.

With the technology, Evreka wants to provide:

  • Effective disinfection of public spaces, management and monitor of operations

  • Preservation of public peace and order, and reduction in the rate of pandemic spread

  • Operation tracking and periodic reporting

  • Improvement of coordination within and between teams

  • Reduction of workload by digitizing process management

With this move, Evreka displayed an attitude that could set an example for all companies in this regard. Thus, a big step was taken to overcome these challenging times as soon as possible. Evreka invited all humanity to be part of the solution to grow and strengthen the fight against the virus.

For more information, please visit https://wecare.evreka.co/covid19/


Address: Lindenallee 10 45127 Essen, Germany

E-mail: wecare@evreka.co

Source: Evreka


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