eVote Launches New, Real-Time Voting Platform Revolutionizing the Feedback Game

A Transparent, Real-Time Voting Platform, eVote Connects Organizations to Individuals.

eVote USA Corporation

eVote is proud to announce the official launch of eVote.com, a mobile-first voting platform. Developed for the public to cast votes on hot topics, trends and news, eVote allows users to vote privately while seeing immediate, public results.

Developed in cooperation with SGO, a social impact-focused technology venture fund, helping hundreds of millions of voters cast over 3.7 billion ballots in government elections around the world. eVote seeks to engage B-to-B and B-to-C communities and gather consensus from verified users.

“People are desperate to have their voices heard and make an impact,” says Peter Espersen, CEO and Co-Founder of eVote. “We recognize how quickly news spreads. eVote will capture public opinion and engage communities through access to accurate, verified results.”

eVote has begun sourcing user feedback on trending and breaking news stories, from recent events in Charlottesville, VA to Nokia's nostalgic Brick phone to Trump's approval ratings. All results are instant and can be used to track voter sentiment over time.

"Users have the opportunity to build a community they can nurture and poll as much as they want," says Espersen. “Right now, we are working with a select number of clients but want to open this up to the public so everyone can cast their vote or create their own.”

For more information, please visit eVote.com

About eVote

Feedback is broken, eVote is fixing it. Created as a user-friendly publishing tool, the voting platform provides insightful, real-time and verified results for users and clients.

eVote has received $3 million in a seed investment from SGO, a social impact-focused technology venture fund, to develop and launch the digital feedback service in the United States.

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