Evolve Lubricants, Inc. Presents Porsche 959, Reimagined by Canepa With ECORSA Motorsport at 2022 PCA Werks Reunion

Porsche 959, Reimagined By Canepa With ECORSA Motorsport

Evolve Lubricants, Inc., creators of EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum Engine Oils and ECORSA Motorsport™ Non-Petroleum Racing Engine Oils, is bringing one of Canepa's Porsche 959, Reimagined by Canepa supercars to the 2022 Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion in Monterey, California. Not only will this be an icon at the show, but it will also be using ECORSA Motorsport™ Non-Petroleum Racing Engine Oil.

"We are incredibly excited and proud to have Canepa using ECORSA Motorsport™ Non-Petroleum racing engine oils in their Porsche 959s, along with their historic race cars," says Rick Lee, CEO and President of Evolve Lubricants, Inc. "The protection and performance that we're able to achieve with non-petroleum engine oils is the reason why establishments like Canepa trust our products and is one of our valued dealers. The series of Porsche 959, Reimagined by Canepa cars, with their high horsepower and torque produced from their exotic engines, are a perfect pairing with our renewable and sustainable hydrocarbon-based engine oils."

The Porsche 959, Reimagined by Canepa, Chassis 003, is the third example built by the Scotts Valley-based restoration and collector car sales facility. Beginning with a stock Porsche 959 and stripping it down to its bare components, the team at Canepa transforms the original car into Bruce Canepa's interpretation of what a modern Porsche 959 would look and drive like. This includes a full cosmetic restoration including a full color change, custom interiors, and a full mechanical restoration and upgrade to improve the performance of each 959.

The Porsche 959, Reimagined by Canepa engine is the result of a complete rebuild with state-of-the-art components, such as Pankl titanium connecting rods, new pistons, an upgraded ECU system, a new parallel twin-turbo setup with matching BorgWarner turbos, equal-length headers, an upgraded fuel system, and much more. When said and done, each car can produce over 800hp.

With 800hp engine lubrication is critical, and the experts at Canepa turned to Evolve Lubricants, Inc. for recommending the best engine oil for the highest performance 959s in the world. Already using ECORSA Motorsport™ Non-Petroleum Racing Engine Oils in their historic race cars, Canepa was recommended to use 20W-50 ECORSA Motorsport™ Non-Petroleum Racing Engine Oil in the Porsche 959 application. With superior thermal properties, improved high temperature shear numbers allowing for greater protection and performance, Porsche 959, Reimagined by Canepa benefit from Evolve Lubricants' non-petroleum racing engine oils.

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