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Shift Red drone with controller

Q. familiar with flying a drone or it is not on the bucket list yet? The recent explosion of drone manufacturers shows the interest and potential of the drone market. One of the biggest obstacles that prevent potential consumers from owning and flying a drone is its difficult maneuverability and the various expensive parts and controllers that are needed to fly one. A. This Is Engineering Inc., aka TIE, provides the perfect solution with its brand new drone, Shift Red.

Shift Red is opening the way to a “drone for the masses”

Say hello to the next generation controller. The patented, one-of-a-kind, one-handed controller drastically improves the control experience from its two-handed counterpart, which has been deemed as the biggest shortcoming of drone aviation. Zigzag through the air in no time without any training with the innovative controller. 

Ultra-portable drone for outdoor lovers

Ever wanted to shoot a scenic drone shot around the favorite trekking course but didn’t want to lug around heavy gear and equipment? Shift Red, a compact yet powerful drone, weighs less than 100g (93g exact) – 159g lighter than the DJI Mavic Mini - with an HD camera built-in, making it the perfect companion for users intending to record dynamic photos and movies wherever they go. The Shift is also exempt from the mandatory regulations that require drone owners to register drones above 250g. 

A drone that satisfies users on both ends of the spectrum

What is person's expectations of flying a drone? Some might use it casually just for fun, while others might use it for speed. The Shift Red provides the perfect experience for both ends of the spectrum, with four different modes. For more casual experience, users could set the drone to Mode 1, which allows for comfortable and delicate control. For thrill-seekers, Mode 4 is the perfect setting that enables dynamic and speedy movement. Uploading photos and videos onto your favorite website is a breeze with its Easy Transfer function that allows users to upload content without having to remove the SD card.

Don’t be scared. It doesn’t bite.

Kids simply love flying objects, making drones the perfect gift for them. Some concerned parents may argue that the sound it makes is frightening, and they worry they would lose the drone after losing control. Thanks to the foolproof safety features of the Shift Red, the sound generated from the blades is barely noticeable, and it is automatically put into hovering mode when the users lose control. 

TIE’s goal is to give an unforgettable experience to fun lovers and thrill-seekers who wish to share their experience with friends and family wherever they may be. Shift Red is the Perfect Small Drone.

Shift Red is available on Amazon US from November 25 and is available for purchase through TIE’s website (www.thisiseng.com). Availability in major retailers in different countries will begin shortly.

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