EveryoneEatz Initiative Giving Away 2,500 Free Ice Cream Cups Provided by Ked's Ice Cream in Plano July 10

#EveryoneEatz Event Also Features FREE COVID-19 Tests Administered by WellHealth


This Friday, July 10, In-Fretta Urban Pizza Bar is teaming up with Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream & Treats in Plano, Vital Dental in McKinney and WellHealth in Frisco to distribute 2,500 free ice cream cups and free COVID-19 testing. It’s all part of the very special event movement #EveryoneEatz, which was an initiative undertaken by In-Fretta owner Ram Mehta nine weeks ago when he saw how people were struggling with food. In the last nine weeks under the #EveryoneEatz movement, his teams in both the Plano and Irving locations have served over 110,000 meals, given away 18,000 masks and thousands of bags of groceries and provided free COVID-19 testing.

Here’s how it will work. From 5-7 p.m. this Friday, everyone is invited to drive up to the front of Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream, 6205 Coit Rd., Unit 344, in Plano, Texas, to receive their free ice cream cups and free COVID-19 testing by WellHealth. Once the tests are analyzed by the lab, from 24-48 hours later, a WellHealth representative will contact each person to share the results and consult with them regarding any recommendations.

“I made a promise to my late mother that I would never let anyone go hungry. We believe in NO QUESTIONS NO JUDGEMENT," Mehta said. “Since then, we’ve been giving away free pizza and pasta to anyone in need. I know the pain of hunger as I was homeless myself at a point in my life, sleeping in New York subways."

The need for meals is growing as a result of the coronavirus. The number of people In-Fretta is helping has risen to 12,000 a week, including hospital staff, police and other first responders. With so many people being helped, it didn’t take long before the local news media caught wind of In-Fretta’s inaugural #EveryoneEatz event. Joining Mehta for the 20th #EveryoneEatz event is Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream & Treats, an artisan ice cream shop with lots of unique and international flavors that has been serving the community for the last 11 years, Vital Dental and WellHealth.

"We’re committed to continue growing the #EveryoneEatz event until the pandemic crisis is over,” Mehta promised.

In-Fretta is about kicking new flavors, connecting people together with its mashed-up menu and energetic environment and making something different by mixing quality ingredients and occasionally breaking some rules. “Fresh” has a new address and it lives at In-Fretta. At In-Fretta, the aim is to provide authentic New York taste in Texas. Everything is made from scratch using the best and finest ingredients, providing an authentic homestyle flavor everyone loves. In-Fretta uses New York water to make its pizza dough. All the money spent on the #EveryoneEatz events so far has been used from personal savings, not donations. EveryoneEatz has nine other events lined up for the next couple of weeks.


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Ram Mehta owner of In Fretta Pizza started a charity called EveryoneEatz 9 weeks ago where they have given out 125,000 free meals 23000 masks & thousands of grocery bags

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