Everylash Inc. Officially Launches Their Magnetic Lash Brand at everylash.com

After a year and a half of product development, product sourcing, and brand design, Everylash is finally opening up their online shop using the Shopify platform.

Everylash's Magnetic Lashes and Accesories

The brand is releasing a new line of high-end magnetic lashes and magnetic lash accessories, tapping into a growing trend in the lash industry where women are replacing glue lashes and extensions. 

One Everylash customer Tricia Humpton said, "I had no expectations because I had never tried magnetic lashes before. It was much easier than I thought. I love them and think they are great. They are simple enough to put on, and they come off super simple, which is really great."

"Of course having a cutting-edge beauty product is key to growth, but, more importantly, we are a beauty brand focused on empowering women not only with beautiful products, but by offering a positive, inclusive, and strong community where women can grow together," said Gellyahnah Aakhen, VP of Outreach for Everylash Inc. 

The name "Everylash" embraces one of the core values of the company - inclusivity. The founders set out to offer a newly positioned magnetic lash series that offers a lash style for every occasion. So, whether you are heading out for a hard day's work, going out on the town with friends, getting sweaty at the gym, or going on a hot date, Everylash has a lash style that will fit your needs.

A common theme on Everylash's social media channels that have grown tremendously in the last three months building up to the launch is raving fans who fully embrace Everylash's positive and progressive culture. One user @nessamaxineee wrote, "So excited to get some of your lashes when they launch! And love how you have such a want to grow a connection with your customers! Feels like a family!"

About Everylash Inc. 

Everylash Inc. was founded in the midst of 2020 during the depths of the CoronaVirus pandemic. The founders saw a massive increase in online buying and decided to jump fully into the e-commerce space as their own jobs seemed less secure than ever. With a goal to deliver top-quality products with integrity, the founders spent the last year and a half sourcing suppliers, working with beta testers to establish which products to sell, and carefully honing the brand's image, which now has a cult-like following. Follow Everylash Inc. on social media both on Instagram and Facebook @theeverylash. To view their magnetic lash products and accessories, visit their website at everylash.com.

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Gellyahnah Aakhen

VP of Outreach



Source: Everylash Inc.


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