Everyday Vixen is Redefining Women's Empowerment for the Skeptical Woman

26 women chime in on everything from body image & desire to boundaries and spirituality after trying it all

Speakers From The Everyday Vixen Summit

For women who are tired of the same old self-help talk, Wyld Wellness claims there’s now a more honest, unfiltered and open-minded option for discussing women’s empowerment and well-being: The Everyday Vixen Summit provides a platform for women to explore the challenges of nourishing themselves - mind, body, and spirit -  without being censored or shamed. As the foundation of the Everyday Vixen Community, the summit inspires conversations that challenge women to find points of commonality and face their biggest biases head on.  

“Being a woman is already challenging for many of us and then you add the extra layers of self-doubt, expectation, lack of community, political correctness and discourse (or lack of it), health issues, and competition,” says Founder Kristen Nichole, Owner of Wyld Wellness.  “Trying to navigate these issues alone can lead to feeling overwhelmed and discussing them only with people who look, think and act like you can limit opportunities for growth. The Everyday Vixen Summit is designed to get you thinking about and asking the hard questions while feeling safe to explore those issues.”

Being a woman is already challenging for many of us and then you add the extra layers of self-doubt, expectation, lack of community, political correctness and discourse (or lack of it), health issues, and competition.

Kristen Nichole, Founder and Owner

The common thread through each of the 25+ interviews is the emphasis on community and sharing authentically. Many women have experienced the profound loneliness of not having a sisterhood of women to connect with and the positive shift that happened once they finally found it. Everyday Vixen is attempting to be more than another summit and is creating the roots of a movement that encourages women to show up for themselves, establish their place in the community and to challenge old ways of thinking. Kristen believes that “together, we can cultivate a new paradigm for women everywhere.”

This event is not for the faint of heart and Kristen encourages women to be open to ideas that challenge their established beliefs. “The whole point is to explore what makes us uncomfortable and keeps us from nourishing ourselves as “whole” women; mind, body, and spirit. We explore love, boundaries, health, friendship, spiritual growth and everything in between. We don’t mince words and we don’t censor. It’s as real and raw as you’re going to get without crossing over into being crass or hateful.”

The summit features 26+ powerful women who are no stranger to speaking their mind and women may find common ground with speakers like Alexandra Schueler, a feminist and poetess and Tiffany Scott, a feminine branding powerhouse with a passion for community building.

Kristen invites women from all over the world to join the conversation beginning September 4. It’s free to watch during the summit or keep the conversation going with special pricing on lifetime access for just $69 until September 3rd, 2017.

About Wyld Wellness

Wyld Wellness offers online coaching, in person retreats and a bi-monthly podcast for creative, unconventional and rebel entrepreneurs and misfits. The Everyday Vixen Summit (and subsequent movement) is an attempt to break open the barriers women face in life, love and relationships with candid conversations and a community of women sharing openly about their challenges and how they are facing them head on. A side project “Real Women-Speak” has been the cornerstone of the movement with 5-10 minute interviews of women from all over the world talking about how they are addressing being a “whole” woman.

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About Wyld Wellness

Wyld Wellness provides creative misfits a place to get coaching, build community and share our stories. The founder, Kristen Nichole hosts the Inspired Vixens Podcast and builds community through her virtual events like the Everyday Vixen Summit.